Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Well-- not really—just so little progress (an inch) that it not worth speaking about.

But—last night instead of knitting –I skein’d, and unskein’d, and dyed.

The hank of Moose Manor Hand Paints sock yarn got made into a single big skein—I’ll divide it before I start knitting socks. The color is a lovely blend of white, blue and blue violet—Blue Iris- is the name of the color way.

Betty (the dyer behind Moose Manor) is a member of the West Babylon Panera’s knitting group—and every once in a while brings some of her yarns to Panera’s—It’s easy to resolve not to go into yarn stores, but when the yarn comes to you… well resistance is futile!

After a long winter, her Etsy shop is just about empty—but now that spring has sprung—stock will be replenished. Watch out for her chameleon colors--they are magical! The colors changes almost as if they are polarized. In different lights, (natural, florescent, incandescent) different colors (not shade of the same color—but dramatically different colors! So far she has only done the chameleon colors in roving –so I haven’t been tempted.

But if she ever does a yarn--Oh, that will be my downfall. The colors change—Dramatically--From a wine red to moss green!—and sometimes to a sort of reddish-green brown—think of the colors of a leaf on a rose bush—wild!

Once the swift was free, I took a ball (50gm) of Red Heart’s Heart and Sole --Ivory color—and changed it into a hank, then made it green—not a perfectly even solid—but nearly so.
So now, when ever I am ready, I have R(ed) O(range) Y(ellow), G(reen) B(lue) I(ndio) P(urple) for a pair of Roy G Biv socks.

They won’t need much of any color—if half the stripes are a neutral (White? Grey? Black? Taupe? –I haven’t decided which one), and the other half of the stripes that are made up of 1 of 7 colors—a pair of socks won’t even need 10 gms of any one color of yarn—leaving lots of left over’s for other projects. The red is spoken for—but the other colors – they are still awaiting their fates.

I love having a range of colors to work with—and bit of this color and that color to make contrasting cuffs (and heels and toes) , or a bit of bit of pattern work—or even just a contrasting trim in the cast on.

I love self striping yarns—with their built in patterns and stripes--but sometime, I want to put a personal stamp on sock—and a solid contrasting color is just the thing. I can never have too many different colors of yarn!

I also experimented with a few yards of left over yarn—I was looking for a silver grey—I got a nice grey—it will trim some pair of sock—but not exactly what I was looking for.

Next—some, some other colors—but not likely tonight—(Knit Night!)—but I’ll have some progress to report if I spend the night knitting.

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gayle said...

I have lots of dyes and toys for dyeing, but never seem to get the ambition to actually DO anything with them. The dyeing is fun, but the cleaning-up-the-mess-afterwards is always a little daunting...
I need to just get off my duff and go for it, I think!
Love your green, and can't wait to see the roygbiv socks!