Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Tale of Two Socks

It was the time to knit toes, it was the time to tink toes.

OK that is pretty tacky! Enough!

The Stripe and Ripple socks are just a round or two away from the toe shaping. I know, they still look too short—but the stocking knit rolls back, and with out the toe, there is no tension on the knitting--so the sock looks both too wide and too short. I tried them on last night to be sure.

I stopped working the pattern stitch last evening on the way home—and double checked the length once I was home. So, despite appearances, it's time to begin the toe.

I didn’t do any more work on them at home—but started a new version of the faded clown barf color way cotton scarf—a straight narrow version--But no photo yet. Same basic stitch, but a diagonal version; increasing on one edge, decreasing on the other, and working a row of beading at regular intervals in the garter stitch. I didn’t get much done—only about 8 inches—but it’s a start.

A soon as finish the Stripes and Ripples, I am going to undo the toe on these socks, and re knit them.

The socks are really pretty –a picot hem (I never do a picot hem cast on for a sock—its way to much work!) and a pretty stitch pattern—I like the way the rows of lacy arches are separated by bands of purls and stocking knit.

But I don’t like the toe. It’s too short and too flat—(well for my feet!) the toe is worked with 4 sets of decreases every row—and that just doesn’t work for me.

I have (somewhere, but for the life of me, I can’t find it) a few yards of the yarn that was included by the knitter. But I don’t think it would be enough for the extension I want to add—so I will just use some contrasting yarn.

I have also taken a leaf from Yarn Harlots book—and have been setting up clear bags with yarn, and pattern ideas, and other miscellaneous stuff, (in some cases, a set of 2 circ’s!) as home made sock kits. I have several set up—so my choices for the next month or two have been narrowed down—and I have slightly larger bags set up for other projects.

The stripe and ripple socks are the 3rd pair for this month—and the 6th pair for the year—add the mended hand painted lace socks, and Wow! That's a lot of new socks in the drawer! Yet somehow, the stash of sock yarn remains as big as ever! And the desire to knit socks is as strong as ever!--at some point in May, there will be another pair of socks for DD's fund raiser--not a full pair, but a toe less/heel less pair of stirrup socks for yoga. but these will hardly count--they will be knit from left overs and partial skeins.

Spring is here—so soon it will be time to do some potholders and other kitchen-y stuff—some for me, some for DIL, and some for DD’s crafty fund raiser later this year. The clown barf cotton is just the appetizer for cotton knitting.

Some of these projects—the pot holder and other small items might replace socks for a week or two as subway projects. Others—(a bath mat or two!) will be at home projects.
(And there a piles of UFO waiting for me to finish or call it a day and frog them.)


JelliDonut said...

Love those ripple socks! Makes me want to do something lacey.

gayle said...

Okay, where'd I miss those lacey arch socks? Love that stitch pattern!