Friday, April 16, 2010

The Un-tangled Yarn?

I mentioned yesterday? It weighted 100gms—just 2 skeins (in 3 balls). I left it out, next to me, and it cried, and cried. So I was forced to pick it up and knit it.

The first skein—(in 2 balls-49 gm, not a full 50) became this—there are still a few yards left—enough for about 1 row, and then some. At this point, it’s 18 inches long—not very big—but enough. The third ball is a full 50gms.

The color way is sort of faded (like faded denim) clown barf—there is purple, blue, green, yellow, peach and pink— but the over all effect isn't too bad. The yarn is Lang Yarns Presto—a 60/40 cotton/acrylic blend. I don’t know how old it is (Ravelry notes that it is discontinued—and incorrectly says its wool and acrylic—but baumwolle is German for “tree” (baum) "wool” (wolle)—the idiom for cotton (wool that grows on trees!)

The pattern—(there is no pattern!) is simple enough—cast on 3, work some rows of garter, increasing on one edge, every other row, then work a row of eyelets (aka beading) every few rows.

The rows/ridges of garter vary—2 sets of 2 garter ridges, then one set of 3 garter ridges.
As I finish up the first 50gms (ball)—I’ll start decreasing instead of increasing.

If there is any yarn left, I’ll make a tassel or some other bit of trim for the cast on/bind off edges—but I don’t think there will be much more than a few inches left when I am done.

I have another skein—in a fingering weight—of the same colors—and a similar cotton/acrylic blend—a totally different brand of yarn—I don’t know what I am going to do with it. Should I knit a lace trip along the edges of this scarf? Or use it to make cuff (and leg) of a pair of sock? Or?!
And the Ripple socks? When photographed this AM, the flaps where just a few rows short of 2.5 inches—on my morning commute, they were finished and the first heel was turned.

I’ll turn the second heel today at work, and on the way home, start working my way towards the toe and completion!

The flap, because it is not worked in heel stitch was 2.5 inches long at 34 rows, (not 39—or really 40) so I worked a V (handkerchief) turning.

Different turning leave more (or fewer) stitches—this turning left me with left 21 stitches—more than half of the original. Knowing that about turning (that different style of turning leave more or fewer stitches when completed)—I can fine tune a heel and gusset ratio. So no matter how many stitches I start with—I can get a deep enough gusset to suit me. (check out Heels by number—and learn some different turning!)

I ended up picking up 17 stitches along the edge-(one per garter ridge—or one ever other row of the 34 rows) +1 in corner of flap/sock body.

With the 21 stitches left over after the turning plus 18, plus 18, plus 21 I'll have a total of 57—and since I want to work back to 39 –that will leave 18 stitches for the gussets. Not a very deep gusset (especially at the gauge I am working at!) —but enough I think.

I might—depending on the stocking knit gauge of the sole--do an extra set or two of gusset decreases—and leave the sole with 37 or maybe just 35 stitches, and let the stitch pattern wrap round the sides of the foot—and correct the stitch balance just before I work the toe.


JelliDonut said...

Clown barf--too funny! I like the faded colors a lot.

teabird said...

The scarf looks lacy-Baktus-y -- yes? Nice colours!

Virginia G said...

Ok, the faded clown barf thing is cracking me up. Fantastic.

Laugh81 said...
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Laugh81 said...

I have five skeins of this and need a project for crochet preferable or know that goes fast ie eternity scarf, etc. something quick and easy