Saturday, April 24, 2010

Where Do I Begin?

Where I ended? No—I'll end where I ended!

I knowEveryone knows the mantra—Back it up!

And I do—My home computer has 2 hard drives—1 is smaller, and it's my back up drive.

I don't bother backing up most software—I have the CD's with all my software and key codes (and compulsively made a back up of the CD!). What I back up are my files. My patterns, my photo's, my stuff!

But for the past year and half, I have been doing a lot stuff at work. It's a perk of the job—I have a computer, and can be on it all the time I want. When not on the computer, (reading blogs, writing my blog, reading Ravelry, or other social sites (including my word nerd sites!) I can knit or read, or do the cross word puzzles--Nice work!

And the computer at work?—it has one drive (and a CD burner) and while I have backed up lots of stuff, (my blog auto backs up to my google mail, all of the photo's in the blog back up to Picasso, (and 99% are of my photos are backed up at home; both on my drive and on a CD's) I never thought to make a back up of all my files (drafts and other completed documents!) at work.

So yesterday-when the system crashed—I was stuck for 4 hours with no computer-(and I know I am addicted to the internet—I was jonesing for an email fix after 2 hours!). When the new one arrived (I was pleasantly surprised that it was only 4 hours!) I looked at it.. and cried!

All my bookmarks! All my drafts, and files, all my software (I had my camera, but no software to read the camera photofiles –(as I said, most of the photos, were backed up.. but they weren't available for use now!)

And it wasn't just my personal files—the computer had work records, (signs, and telephone lists, and time sheet and other records!) Thankfully, my boss had copies of those files, and I just needed to download them and organize them (create file folders, and pop the files into the right folder.)

I share this computer with several users (I am at work today, but I only work one day of the weekend about once a month) –and their files are gone too.. (and some of them are going to be very unhappy I suspect!)

So yesterday, from 1PM to 3 PM I was busy remembering all my favorite sites, and bookmarking them, and organizing them. And getting files from my boss, and downloading some software. I hate the newer versions of Windows Word and Excel—I love Open Office—and Gimp, and... the list goes on and on--and generally re-organizing the computer desk top!

I didn't even think about writing up a blog post!

So here is what I thought about writing yesterday—before I realised I didn't have a computer to write on!

Toes Completed—2 Pairs!
Yes, I finished the Green Ripple Sock— the toes stitches were grafted Thursday evening.

The few stitches difference in the stripe can be seen most evidently in the toe.. (one toe has just 5 rounds of blue, the other 7 rounds). But they still match up better than most sock yarns. I am pleased a punch with them!

And the Swap socks? I carefully cut the grafted stitches, and unraveled them, and got them back on needles.

I pieced in some solid turquoise yarn, and alternated rows of the solid turquoise and the hand painted, till I ran out of hand painted, and 2 rounds later, I also ran out turquoise! The toes are truncated, and boxy looking, but each sock is actually 3 rounds longer than it was, and the boxy toes, while not particularly attractive, are much more comfortable then the previous version.

So 2 more pairs of socks for me! (I am so greedy and self centered aren't I?) In a month, I have almost completely remedied by lack of turquoise/teal/aqua socks to match the same in my wardrobe.

That I have already cast on and knit almost 3 inches of the next pair of socks should come as no surprise—I had all that time yesterday to work on them!

The newest are yet another shade/color way of blue green—and the last pair in this color for a while!

A scrap of yarn, dyed last week—and never photographed—was used for the cast on. It is an almost solid grey. (I was going for dusty blue, and got too much 'dust' in the dye bath!)

The yarn is Patons Kroy—Aqua Jacquard—and it's a different pattern than some of the other jacquards. Every color in the rotation is 'patterned'. The darkest color (a dusty dark aqua) is very subtle; but it and the cream, yellow green and pastel aqua colors are all dotted with grey. There isn't a single row of solid color –except so far, the solid grey cast on band. It is very hard to see the patterning in the dark dusty aqua. They pass, in most lights, as a solid band of color—but I know they aren't.

There is enough of the grey yarn that I will use it for the heels, too. This will minimize the disruption to the stripe pattern—but otherwise, these are going to be dead plain socks. Cast on, (contrasting color) cuff,(ribs) are the fancy work.. Now I am knitting the leg in stocking knit (and eventualy will be knitting the foot in the same)--the solid grey heel flap and turning will add a bit of interest but I am letting the yarn do most of the design work.

Thoughtless and fast knitting!--it feels especially fast because I am back to size 2 needles, and 8 stitches per inch knitting too!

Next month—new colors, new ideas, new styles-- and something besides socks! But right now, what is new is the same old!

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