Friday, May 07, 2010

At the Circus

the hawkers carry big flats of cotton candy—all neatly boxed, in regular rows.

That's what I thought of—So my cotton candy socks have this not quite a bubble rib (technically, it is a rib) –like neatly boxed up cotton candy.

There is about 4.5 inches of the foot done, and soon I'll be thinking about gusset.

I am going to experiment, and have a different heel and gusset shape—I haven't worked out the details, I will be, to some degree, just winging it!

I want to get these finished and photographed-- and off to Lion Brand. I have 10 or so socks knit with their yarn, and I plan to enter each pair. Maybe I'll win! I am pretty sure the sock image 'contest' is really a raffle (not a judged contest). I want to to have as many entries as I can—I haven't a clue of what the prize will be (it doesn't really matter; I am always happy to win anything). But I suspect they will have a display (a powerpoint slide show) of all the entries. So having the socks look there best does matter.

I love my legs! I've started every morning this week taking new photographs of socks—old and new. If you are on Ravelry check out the new images.

Some designs details where ho hum when photographed flat; all the exciting details got lost. But now, they are WOW!

I wish all my socks always looked as good on my feet and legs. Hell, I wish I had as much color in my (real) legs, as the manikins ones have. Pasty white isn't a real color.

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