Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I hope not—but I admit it, it's been nothing but socks for weeks now!

And not just here—half of my Facebook updates are about socks, too. Every day I add more images to my knitting album over there. There are 42 images, (representing 38 pairs of socks, and a few details of one or two pairs) I'll have to wait till laundry day to finish up the album, since some pairs are waiting to be washed, or being camera shy in other ways. (Some are totally hiding! I can't for the life of me find my forest green socks, and I am giving up hope of ever finding the mate to the Regia Silk socks (worn only once before one half of the pair went astray).

I have a few dozen socks in my Ravelry Projects--but most of them are socks I've knit since joining Ravelry. I had a few dozen socks from before then.

The last entries in the album will be socks I've knit and given away over the years.

My Cotton Candy pink socks are at the heel—and what a heel it is! Novelty—but if it works out, I might use it again.

It's is a short row heel, but not the common short row heel, which are sort of hour glass shaped.
The common short row heel is worked with a series of short rows, starting with one half the total count, and every row, fewer stitches and then reversed-- Of course, the hour glass is folded at the narrow point, and makes a pocket for the heel to nestle into.

These socks have a series of short row.. but I started in the center of the heel, with 6 stitches in the first short row, and increased the number of stitches worked every row. This makes a bowl shape (think of parenthesis–only horizontal, not vertical (I can't find a print character like that, and I am not going to bother drawing one!)

Now, I will do the second parenthesis, and have (.), again, the image should be horizontal, not vertical.
I am calling it the EGG. The rounded bowl, with its match lid, makes nice pocket for the heel too! It is totally counter intuitive to make a heel this way.. but then, that's what makes it a novelty heel!

Wait, there is more! (shade of late night infomercials!)
I started the heel a dozen rows ago, with increases—a dozen or so on the side of the sole of the sock. The bowl is shaped from the center, part of sole--That is, the stitches that existed before the increases.
After the EGG is complete, and I go back to working in the round, I will decrease till I once again have 32 stitches, and leave <<>> either side of the egg.
Something like the architectural trim known as egg and dart molding.
(see a collection of them here!)

Well not exactly like egg and dart molding.. but sort of like. (and not like a dart in clothing!)

I think its going to work out fine.. (the first half of the egg is fine!) You'll have to wait till tomorrow to see how it comes out. (or read about the failure!)

After the heel, it will be straight going, working the shaped rib pattern all round till the cakes of yarn show strong signs of being used up.
Since the stitch pattern is a rib, I could just continue in pattern till the end—but I don't think I will. I don't think I will end up with my usual 1.5 inches of ribbing in the cuff, but there will be some ribbing.

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