Monday, May 10, 2010

Crazy Weather

These days, the term global warming has given way to climate change —yes, things are getting warmer, but more than that, things are changing.

Spring is sure is! Wetter, warmer, windier! And early spring is warmer, and late spring, colder! Over all, more changeable. The highs are higher, the lows, lower. One week ago, almost 90°--today started in the 40's and the expected high in the low 60°'s (circa 16°c). And Wind! March winds are now coming in May! All in all, crazy weather!

I worked on the clown barf scarf this weekend (remember the clown barf scarf?) and will finish it up tonight. I worked a bit on the Cotton Candy pink socks—but not much--Almost 6 inches now, and soon it will be time for the heel. (I am still mentally working out how I will knit the heel!) I want to have these socks finished up by the end of the week.

With out much progress knitting wise, no photo's –though if you are on Ravelry—well check out my up dated images of my sock collection!

I am taking photographs and up dating my sock collection on Ravelry with new images of all my knit socks on my legs. They look so much better!

And—I finally found a CD I mis-filed—all my back up files from my old computer! I still have my old hard drive-- it will, eventually be slaved into my new computer as a back up. But its nice to have these files. A lot of them are journal notes about knitting projects (from before I used Ravelry as journal.)

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