Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Every Day Art and Jewelry

One of the pleasured of my life, is every day art. From the floral photography in my mass produced calendar, to the tiled art that adorns the subway wall( I have photographed some of the work at 42nd Street, but there is more—almost every platform, at every station has some.), to the sculpture that is plopped down, as a temporary exhibit!

I don't know when it was installed –but I first noticed this piece on Saturday, May 15th.
(there were no parking signs on Friday, maybe it was installed then, I just didn't see it Friday evening)

It's pretty hard to miss—it is huge.

Broadway (and many streets in NYCity) aren't just streets—in many cases, they are roofs!
The subway runs under (one line or another) Broadway most of its length. The malls in uptown(center medians in the roadway), are roof gardens. Occationally, like at 103rd Street—the all to solid seeming ground becomes a metal grid, that allows some light and fresh air into the subway station below, reminding everyone.

For most of the winter, large concrete planters with evergreens have been sitting on the mall just south of the 103rd—a part of the mall that is an open grid to subway station below. But now –Regina II is holding court.

She is looking North, and greets me each morning as I come out of the subway. Yesterday I made her acquaintance, and remembered to capture her image. How wonderful that art comes to me!

I am still knitting version 2 of the Cross Purposes Socks—in the mullbery color way (and documenting the details of the pattern) and not knitting much at home. So there isn't much to report (4 inches of cuff and leg).

Instead of knitting in the evening, I have been playing the 5 year old, and stringing some beads on line. Glass, and resin, and semi precious stones (no, not jade, aventurine—a pretty, but much less valuable stone-quartz!) and bone (not ivory) strung onto wire or chain. Not much more than what a 5 year old does—it is just not pasta or wooden beads. A small effort is made to add a real clasp—something most 5 year olds don't do—but its not very fancy jewelry—just everyday stuff.

The earings are a bit more of an effort-- and there are little itty bitty baggies with all the components for more earings (these are just the start--the ones that have been completed.) Many more to come—many of them for the planned crafty fund raiser for DD. Unsold ones will become mine and DD's.

If you like these, you will really like Sulu's earing--(so much better!) and always something new in her etsy shop. Susan used to be a member of the Tueday knit night in LIC--till she up and moved cross country!

2 new shawl pins got put together too. (Now all I need to do is knit a shawl!)

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Virginia G said...

I'll have to check that sculpture out next time I'm in that area. Very cool.

And stringing beads is a LOT of fun. I'd forgotten how much fun until my daughter wanted to do it a few months ago.