Thursday, May 27, 2010

Gad-About Town

That me lately.

Monday, dinner with Chia and Sean. (Have you looked up and seen Saturn?)

Tuesday, knit night at LIC (and played nice and gave Randi and Kimberly lifts home.)

Last night out again, with a friend—for a regular dinner (economy!) out.

Knitting has been confined to work—and my subway ride home. Still, I have 4.5 inches of the leg done, and I still think I will be able to finish these socks up by close of day MONDAY- May 31st.

It really doesn't matter if I do, or don't—It's just a goal I set for myself. I just want to finish these, and start another pair! I keep jotting down ideas--(and the list grows and grows.)

Top down, toe up—foot first, afterthought leg as Cat Bordhi suggests, diagonally, spirally, colorfully, economically, extravagantly, practically—every possible way to knit socks excites me!

And in the background—I am doing a bunch of things too.. Documenting some of my designs, editting others to make them clearer, and easier to read, writing and writing and organizing and organizing.

I tend to do work like this in a clump—and then let things slowly devolve to chaos--and chaos is near!

Summer is here –the official beginning of summer in US is Memorial day weekend—forget the cosmic change of seasons. (Summer ends before the vernal equanox—at labor day) So the pool (all newly renovated and spiffed up) opens Friday. And this summer, I am going to start bike riding—again after years and year of not doing it. I plan to start slow—15 minutes at time, and build up muscles and stamina—and to make bike riding a regular part of my exersize routine.

I don't like exercise routines. But I do like bike riding—which is fun, not exercise.


JelliDonut said...

Your new socks are really pretty! Can't wait to see them finished.

Virginia G said...

Totally there with you about the exercise thing.

And also, where can I get a job that allows me to knit while I'm there? I want some of that.