Tuesday, May 04, 2010

I've Got a Leg Up

To the knee. Actually a pair of them.. Or rather another pair of legs, that just go up to the knee. (Don't you have spare body parts?)

Yesterday, I treated my self to a pair of display (manikin like) legs.

I figure if I am going to design, and document, and sell sock patterns, I should invest in the means of making them look their best.

See how much nicer socks look on legs than they do flat, or even on sock blockers?

Yes, those are Miss B's Ribbed socks, finished.

Lion Brand Magic Stripe Sock yarn, in a simple 2 X 2 ribbed pattern, since Miss B, like all proper children grows and grows, and I want these socks to fit for longer than an blink of eye.

They are a bit too long in the foot right now, but not too much. And the ribbing will keep the sock snug—and also allow stretch.. It will both keep the sock up, and the heel seated until they do fit perfectly--(and then will allow ease and let her stretch them length-wise as her feet continue to grow!)

Meanwhile—I am on my toes.

Today, at work, I will get the Lion Brand Sock Ease Socks started—Color way Cotton Candy (a bright bubble gum/pepto bismal pink).

These will be toe up socks, because I don't have a full skein of this yarn (it was gifted to me, and I never look a gift horse in the mouth) nor do I mind when gifted sock yarn is not quite a full skein.

I am sure I have enough (or close to enough) to do a sock of my standard length, (about 9 inches from base of heel to top of sock)--but its easier to work toe up, and not be caught short.

Unlike some, who are leg-less after a bit of spirit--I can drink anyone under the table--I have hollow legs.

I haven't decided on a stitch pattern yet--(is there one that looks like fluffy cotton candy?)

I might go with a simple lace..Pink socks sort of demand lace (or beads, or a ruffle) don't they?

The stripe pattern is a dominating one; so a bit of patterning will not be too much.

Besides, I done a few pairs (well 2 in a row) of pretty much pattern free knitting—time for a change!

I'll go toe to toe with anyone who disagrees!

I have a bunch more cheese, leggy jokes, but many of them are blue. (and I'll pass on putting them here.)


Anonymous said...

Nice! They definitely do make your fantastic socks come to life.

JelliDonut said...

Those legs are great, and Miss B is a great sock. I've been looking for some for the very same reason, but I'm not having any luck. Where did you find your legs?

teabird said...


Sonya Philip said...

Niiiice - the legs, not the jokes! :)

zippiknits.....sometimes said...

Those really are nice! Great socks, and the hollow legs, even. heehee

Did you find them when you were out and about? Those are very good things to have around the house. Kicky!