Thursday, May 06, 2010

Off Topic

I could tell you (I will!) I've completed the toe. I've also found a stitch pattern (it sort of looks like a swirl ball of cotton candy – Yeah, that's my story!)

But taking a break from the ego fest (this blog is all about me; what I am doing, what I am thinking, what I am knitting) I want to tell you about my DIL, Sonya, and gallery opening.

Now, I am not big on gallery openings. I feel like I don't have (and, in reality, I often don't!) enough money to live on, so spending on art is a pure luxury the kind I can't afford.

Window shopping for things I can't afford, doesn't appeal. So its a rare thing for me to go to a gallery show.

But—there are always exceptions!

This weekend's opening—a small gallery, at 224 Grand Street, Williamsburg, (Brooklyn) (a link to blog about the show) but one that got a nice write up in the NYTimes is the topic of the day. My DIL –a wonderful fiber artist—has an entry (or 2 or 4—depending on space!) The art works are small, but the entrants are many--so I don't know exactly how many will be displayed.

So this post is a shameless plug. Get your self over to Williamsburg and take a look. Buy something too, if you can. Buy her entries, or other ones!

There are lots of great restaurants in the area, --make it a day of it.

Sonya is also submitting to another gallery here in NY –and has an offer from a space that features fibers arts displays (not a gallery), also here in NYC and these are just the very latest.

She shown this year in Minneapolis, and in the DeYoung, and in Oakland, and had been part of the Open Studios (Mission District of SF)--Lots of works, being shown in lots of place.

Visit her web page, read her blog, shop her Esty store—become a fan of her's on Facebook, check out her Ravelry page; there are so many ways to connect with her.

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