Monday, May 17, 2010

Seen Here LAST

Over on thread in Ravelry I mentioned I had made use of Yarn Harlot's Sock club idea—and put together some sock kits. An idea seen here last (maybe not last, but most definitely not first!).

Yarn Harlots idea was for a dozen zip lock bags (gal size) packed with:
Sock yarn (already divided if you work 2 at time)
A pattern (already printed out, and in page protectors if you use them)
A LARGE PRINT list of notions and needles needed--so its easy to read (and grab)

She made up a dozen—and put them on a shelf. Now each month, she has a sock kit waiting for her to knit. It's not a palidrome, (A man, a plan, a canal, Panama!) but it is a good idea.

You can sub any clear bag for the zip lock, --or even small brown bag (a lunch bag) —and grab yourself a surprise! (You might remember this month all the kits you packed last month, but 6 months from now? )

I've taken to planning a pair or two ahead—and packaging up yarn, a notation on a pattern idea (since I rarely use a pattern—unless I am test knitting one of my own patterns!)--a set of needles (I have several duplicate in the same size, and work with different sizes (anything from a 0(zero) to size 2) and a card noting what else is needed. (markers, etc)--which could include a cable needle, or a length of waste yarn for an after thought heel. My small notions bag with a tapestry needle, gauge tool and a tape measure, automatically gets moved.

The next kit to be assembled will be my Roy G Biv socks--this is a lot of work, 7 small skeins of the roy g biv colors, and another skein of background color –and everthing is doubled (so its 14 small skeins of colors, 2 medium skeins of base/background color) since I always knit socks 2 on 2. (I have a SKEW kit, and another simple sock kit already put together)

Right now, I am contemplating the Roy G Biv socks—straight simple stripes? Or small chevrons? Or pattern of boxes or diamonds of color... or should I spell out Red in red, and Yellow in yellow? Or use a slip stitch pattern? So many options to think about just with the colors.

Then, yesterday—as I was thinking about these 8 yarns, I had and idea to use up a bunch my scraps of yarn. (I almost always have extra left over)
A pair of Crazy 8 socks. With 8 vertical stripes--definitely Vertical stripes—some solids, some self striping. Should the stripes be plain? Should they be flat, or raised I cords? Straight, or spiraling? Thick and thin? Or maybe cabled with big wide crosses (traveling stitches) to make a bunch of 8's!? And how will I knit them? Flat and seamed, or in the round? Problems to resolve with vertical stripes.

For me, half the fun of knitting socks is planning the design—and YH's idea lets me play with my yarn longer. Plus-- it helps me keep track of ideas, and get them knit (in real life, not just in my imagination!)

One member of the knitting police told me I had too many socks. (if you haven't checked, my FaceBook sock album now has 45 pairs on display(51 images, but just 45 pairs of socks)
Still to be photographed, the 3 pairs,( waiting to be washed) and 1 pair (still in hiding) -- Over 4 dozen (OK, so 2 pairs aren't mine, leaving me 1 pair short of 4 dozen (something that is already being remedied!)
And, this doesn't include the artless cotton socks I wear to and from the pool –junk socks just something to wear with croc style slip on's)--nor does it include the half dozen or so singles (from when I knit socks singly—and often never got a second sock knit!)

Why is 48 pairs too many? What is the right number? (Is there a right number?) How many socks do you have? How many have you knit?
In the past 10 years, I also knit 2 dozen pairs for gifts and charity; 2, for me, 1 for someone else. Not a bad ratio. I don't feel the least bit guilty owning 4 dozen pairs of hand knit socks.

Oh yeah—Finished--Cotton Candy socks.. (5 inches tall in leg/cuff--short, but enough.
And Started (see, it matches clothes—the color in the corner is just one of 3 T's I have in this color (all slightly different) ) And I am documenting the pattern, too.


JelliDonut said...

There is no such thing as too many pairs of socks. I should try that self-sock club idea too.

Virginia G said...

I love the Yarn Harlot's sock club idea. I started doing that with my stash (obviously not with socks, since I haven't tackled that yet) but with other stuff. Print out the pattern/photocopy it/whatever, put it and the yarn in a see-through plastic bag of one sort or another (sweaters unfortunately don't fit into gallon bags) and that way I'm not digging through my stash trying to remember why the heck I bought that yarn.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully the comment about too many socks were meant tongue-in-check. So, if you didn't knit socks, what would you do with your creative energy? Complain about how the world was treating you? Personally, I like looking at all the wonderful ideas you come up with, so keep after it. Judy

Melissa said...

I have probably 4 dozen cheap, crappy, cotton socks that I would gladly trade for 4 dozen hand knit socks! Love that you are doing the self imposed sock club. If I could buckle down and knit a pair of socks a month then I would try it too. Like the newest socks. Great colors!

pdxknitterati/MicheleLB said...

I think a slip stitch pattern for the Roy G Biv would be awesome, like little bubbles of color...