Saturday, May 15, 2010

Yards to Go

Before this mornings commute, 2 complete pattern repeats after the heel. And skeins of yarn that were small. Delays, and delays, (and I got to work 10 minutes late), there are now 7 rows (of an 8 row pattern) of the repeat number 3 completed--and, thankfully!, I haven't run out of yarn.

When round 8 is done, R1, (K2, P2) will be repeated till all the yarn is knit up. Just 2 or 3 rounds I expect! The problem now is; if I finish them off at work, I have nothing else to knit on the way home! I wasn't thinking and left the house with this project, and I should have brought something else to knit.
(NOTE--44 socks now in Facebook album-- (3 more to photograph, 1 more pair to find) 2 of the pairs aren't mine (one pair for a fund raiser, one pair for Miss B, my grand daughter))

I might have finished them last night, but after work, I headed off to see my DD—who was hard at work updating her kitchen. Ultimately the plan is for new cabinets and new appliances, but she is one of the victims of the economic downturn, and has been unemployed for the past few months.

She's has temp'd a few days here and there, and she's a smart cookie—and has some savings—and she has used the time off to go to school--(she only a few credits away from completion now of her degree in massage, AND has become a certified trainer.) So she is prepared to change careers—and is trying to hold out with some part time work till she is fully qualified.

But being out of work delayed a planned complete kitchen redo. Removing the 30 year old wall paper, washing the walls and ceilings updating the look is a stop gap measure—but it really looks good.

Marigold yellow paint, mint green trim on window and door, a mint green curtain (the old, dingy white one dyed!) and a can of spray paint to turn all (mostly while, but not all white!) shelves and brackets for hanging plants and tiered baskets a bright red.

Kitchen notions, (measuring cups, strainers, etc) are already 'crayon' colors of red, orange, green-- and recycled mason jars –(her canistors for pop-corn, rice, and other staples) now have red lids, too. I supplied a new outlet plate--(new outlets will be installed, too) and will also provide a new red towel set and some Yellow/orange/red double knit pot holders! All the fun detail new or new looking.

A few days of hard work, and her very dated looking kitchen has a new look—Bright and sunny! For very little money (the paint is all left over from other rooms/projects!) it isn't fully modernized; the old knotty pine cabinets (from the mid 1950's) still look very dated, and aren't the most funtional, but all in all, it looks better!

In addition to the outlet plate cover, I brought her a foot care package(and some other goodies)
The foot care package has foot soak salts, an exfoliating scrub, Shea butter lotion, and callus rasp —DD working to being a massause, and can't have long nails—but as she says, she can have the prettiest, softest feet, and painted toes! (and she frequently wears open toe shoes and strap-ee sandles to show off her feet!) and a foot care set is just the reward she needed.

I have another foot care package for her fund raiser later in the year—the kit for the fund raiser will be in a pretty storage bag, and will include a pair of slippers, and a pair of hand knit bed socks –knit with DK weight yarn—not so fine or fancy as regular socks, --at 7 stitches per inch (vs 8 to 8.5, to 9 stitches per inch for normal sock) bed socks will be a quick knit; but still a luxurious extra!

One of the other goodies for DD was 1.5 yards of white denim. DD is learning how to sew—and it's plenty for summer skirt—another project for her when she doesn't have any temp work. New clothes, for free, made in free time!

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