Friday, June 04, 2010

Bed Time Blues and Rainbow Days

Finished (natch) yesterday. And eventualy, I started the ROY G BIV.

I went hunting a few weeks ago for the colors for the ROY G BIV socks, and for a nuetral tone to go along. I had a few choices—Black-thought knitting wih black is such a drag—still better the summer time with lots of natural light than winter and artifical light.

I had Flax –a lovely taupe shade from Patons, too and Greys—several shade of grey, including a marled grey. Most Patons, (as are the spectrom of colors) but also some Lane Cervanties Calzetteria in grey. (and an olive green I had total fogotten about.

I have LOTS and LOTS of white—very little of it stays white—but since I already had grey and taupe, I didn't even think about dying some of the white to another nuetral color.

But—I miss filed (yeah lets say that, and not that I lost the zip lock back with 8 skeins of yarn) the greys.

So yesterday I organized and consoladated all my sock yarns into to collections—1 suitcase sized bag of stripes, jacquards, hand painted and color ways that don't pattern. Another collection (equal in size) of solids and semi solids (most of these are home dyed) and a third (very small bag) of left overs.

I really have a lot of sock yarn! Not included in this, is the large skein of merino/cashmere yarn which while it was sold as sock yarn, is way to nice (and way to soft!) Plus it doen't have any nylon in it for re-enforcement. Cashmere is partculary sensative to wear from abraison making socks a bit to fragile for me. This yarn and the 3 skeins of Fashion Toes in dark blue jewel tones are going to be made into some small shawls. Melaine has been making them and I love what she'd done—so I am going to follow her example.

While hunting (and organizing) I found 2 more of the mini bags I love for sock bags—so I now have 6 more pairs of socks lined up ready to go when the ROY G BIV socks are done.

Speaking of the ROYG BIV—at last (the last place I looked of course) I found the grey yarns, and selected one (Kroy slate grey).

I cast on, using the Open Closed Long tail cast on (Nancy Bush learned this as the Estonian Cast on)--a pretty, and plenty stretch variation of the Long Tail. And followed up with 2 by 2 ribbing—1 by 1 is my favorite--but its nice to change up every once in a while.

I did the math—and 1 full set of colors in the pattern I am going to be using is 56 R'sconsiderable shorter than my usual 80 or so R's—so I am making an extra deep cuff. It's already 1.5 inches –and I just have 2 colors! I cast on more stitches than usual, too for the extra deep cuff.

As always, I am weaving in the ends as I go—so when they are done, they will also be very nearly finished, as well. I haven't woven in the cast on tails--I use these as my BOR markers. But the red and orange tails are done.

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teabird said...

(blush) thank you! If all goes well, the Lacy Baktus should be done by Sunday, and I'll have cast on for little shawl #2. Which, you assure me, I have the ability to knit.

I can't wait to see how the ROY G BIV socks come out.