Tuesday, June 01, 2010

By an Hour

Finished these last night at 11PM—Pair number 3 for the month of May

Now, its divide the ROY B BIV yarns, and pick a pattern.

I still don't know exactly how I am going to do that.. but last night while admiring the Crowning
Achievment socks--I rememberd I had a resourse.

I have The Essential Guide to Color Knitting Techniques by Margaret Radcliffe –and even if I don't find exactly what I want in there, I will be inspirations—and I will find something close enough.

Today is my first day out of work.. Its strange and feels holiday like. I need to get to work (that is build my own schedule, and do the things I need to do. I like external direction. I tend to drift with out it.

So the detail of the socks.Paton Kroy sock yarn, cast on 80 with a Channel Island cast on, worked 1 .35 inches of a shevron for the cuff, decreased to 64, work the leg, and finished it with a small lace clock detail. Basic flap/turned gussetted heel—with a slightly longer flap and gusset, plain foot, flat heel.


JelliDonut said...

These are really pretty. The cuffs are a nice touch.

themamajama said...


zippiknits.....sometimes said...

Those are so lovely! Kroy has delicious colorways.

And thank you for the info on feet/legs. I've found some and just need to convince myself to buy them - as a committed sock knitter. We'll see how well that flies past the DH. hehe I should cast my own feet. lol

Congratulations, I think, on your first day of retirement? (!!) Sorry if I missed something critical. That is a fault of mine.