Monday, June 28, 2010


I am not the greenest person—but I make efforts.

One green choice is energy start appliances, (computer too!), another is no A/C.

Most of the time, it's fine. I live high up (14th floor), my apartment has 3 exposures ( east, south, and west--(none are exact—but close enough).

I am ten miles or so (as the crow fliess) from the Atlantic (south, because LI more or less juts out) and it's not uncommon for me to be able to smell the salt in the air from ocean breezes.

And then there are days like the past week-- HOT Hazy and humid.. (not much fun) and the air so still, its feels solid—and its not much fun to breath. But worse,the evening are the same.

Yesterday's high was in the mid 90°'s (bad, but I spend a good part in doors with AC (not at home!))--but last night the low was in the 80°'s, (OK so it was 82°) but 82° with high humidity is no fun.

And the air was still—and no amount of fans could really make it feel comfortable.

No pictures of my skirts (2 new ones now, plus 1 more mended) No pictures of my computer desk (better but still unfinished) but LOOK Yoga Socks—not done either, but just a row or two more, and I'll bind off. And while I do have a collection of yarns crying out to be made into socks—I am taking a turn for the moment-- and will be casting on some mittens—Pair 1? Green, black and white.

I'll finish the yoga socks AFTER my swim. Normally, I avoid the pool in the early morning and after noon—there is NO shade at these hours, and the sun is at it most intense, but today, I want to get in and cool down—I'll be home by 1 PM--(and hide out till after 3) waiting for the sun to move behind the building, and go back late in the afternoon (4 to 6) –if there aren't thunderstorms.

That's the prediction—a HIGH is moving east—There will be strong winds, and chances of storms, and behind the storms, cooler weather! Tomorrow will be 87° or so (hot enough!) but this evening, and tomorrow evening will be back down to the low 70°--with drier air.

Maybe by then, I'll have also cast on for the mittens.. I haven't a pattern yet—just some ideas—a braided cast on, and braided trim--(3 colors—black, white and green) a cuff of black and white, and then green fir trees on –I haven't decided—should it be on a snowy white? Or a long winters night of black?

And I am already thinking about a second pair--(red, black and white)-- a red and black cuff that gives way to white snow crystals on a black background.. and ...

Well goodness knows, I enough socks right now to last for a few years!--I don't know what will be happening with the mittens--I NEVER WEAR mittens! But I think they will be fun to knit.


Anonymous said...

I can't want to see where your mitten knitting is going to take you. If mitten knitting goes like sock knitting, put a pair in your bag this winter when you see someone without, give them a pair. Random acts of kindness, feel so good. Judy

Virginia G said...

The weather has been BRUTAL today. I get three exposures, and finally caved at 2pm and went into the room with AC (bedroom). Holy moley it's HOT today.

I can't quite get to the point where I want to knit right now. It involves doing things that sound hot.

Melissa said...

Wow! Hats off to you and no AC! I don't think I could live here in GA without it. The humidity makes the heat index over 100 most days. Can't wait to see what you do with the next project!