Friday, June 18, 2010

Going FAST!

Of course its fast!—only 36 stitches per row—and it's size 5 needles.

Compared to the socks I have been knitting as of late, it's nothing to do a row! I am not half way done with the skein (by weight) and it's already over 25 inches long.. So it will be at more than 50 inches long—likely closer to 60 inches.

Like it? It will almost certainly be a pattern for sale once I've finished it and blocked it. Even just pinned out, it looks lovely. And while its not reversible, the back looks nice too.

There has been some pooling, there is not a lot, and no unattractive puddles of color.

By now, I know the stitch pattern--perfectly--and it's just complex enough to be interesting (as I start repeat 30 or so) but not so hard that I can't do it late at night, or while watching TV.

Tonight I'll start with the Yoga half socks... They will be quick to knit too, even when worked on small needles.

I have a list-no make that LISTS –of sock ideas, of Vest Ideas (I knit 2 sweaters last year, and even in the rush of having new things to wear, I don't think I wore either more than 3 times). I have some hats I need to knit, and maybe some more fingerless gloves, and even a pair of mittens. Then there are the scarves and shawls I WANT TO KNIT (I do?) in silk! And clothes to sew, and clothes to mend, and my work is cut out for me!

A bunch of chore need doing too—and throwing out—I done a lot of that already—but I am such a pack rat—I have to work hard and getting rid of thing--I need to work as hard at getting rid of things as I do at turning stash into things!

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Virginia G said...

That scarf is really lovely. I've been very into knitting lightweight scarves lately, due to the warmer weather.