Saturday, June 05, 2010

Hi Roy G Biv!

Cuff is done—and almost finished; most of the cut ends of the stripes woven in-- Roy G and one set of B - I and V still need to be worked in. I like how they look already!

Next: Roy G Biv again—in a different pattern—but the grey separating stripes will be repeated.

The Flap? (Just 56 R's away!) will be solid grey as will be the turning. The flap and turning, will be positioned to keep the stripe pattern on the instep intact.

Then another repeat of the Roy G Biv pattern—then a solid grey toe.

One big advantage of making your own stripes, is the pattern will be perfect over the instep.
(the big disadvantage is all the ends to weave in!)

The new stripe pattern will have wider stripes, AND a stitch pattern too. As I proceed I will still have cut ends for every color but the grey—lots more finishing. But...
(Oh and a correction—the color way is Flagstone, not Slate—I think it's gone the way of Red, Orange, Yellow..(etc, etc) from Paton's color pallet.)

I like some of the new speckle pattern of the Kroy—but the very limited set of solids sock colors is a bit disappointing. I am too creative to be content to just make plain socks with nothing but someone else's choices of color ways as a design. I like a large selection of color to add details to self striping and hand painted yarn. (One idea for a detail came to me last night as I worked the Violet stripe--but that is getting ahead of my self!)

The challenge this afternoon will be to remember to take some photo's—It's the New York Mets at Citi Field Stitch 'n Pitch—and the Guinness Book of World records attempt –The most people Crocheting at one time in one place. (I'll bring knitting too, since I prefer knitting to crochet—but I will be crocheting today!)

I've already take some photo's and updated my Face Book photo album with the two pairs of socks that had been hiding out in the dirty laundry hamper—50 Pairs of socks on display –I still haven't added socks that I have given away--(another 20+ pairs.)

I always warn other knitters, Sock knitting is pretty addictive. I keep thinking: Enough. But then, I finish one pair, and can't wait to start another. Wool for other projects; wool I have envied and admired (NORO silk and wool--a yarn that I now have in my stash)—cry as it might, sock yarn cries louder “KNIT ME”--and a vest of many colors is still just a thought.

Been doing some late season spring cleaning (not just organizing the sock yarn) and found my pair of lost socks (sandwiched between 2 long sleeved winter T shirts). Not a very special pair—but one more for the collection. You can now see all MY socks (no images yet of the pairs I have given away—in my Face Book Photo Album.


JelliDonut said...

Those stripes are so cute. And you are right about the addiction--I can't stop with the socks no matter what I tell myself. There are just too many ways to knit a sock and too many great sock yarns.

pdxknitterati/MicheleLB said...

Hope you had fun at S&P! Looking forward to pix. I want to know what Citi Field looks like, too!