Friday, June 25, 2010

No Computer, no computer generated posts.

Last year—in a clearance (as in clearing out a space of no longer needed stuff—pack it up, and carry it away for free), I got computer desk. This one, and it came with 2 half round extentions, too.

One of them I can (and will be) using, and one I won't be (or won't be using as and extention.) but the extension didn't come with the hardware to install.

I also go a set of drawers on castors (similar to this but my set had 3 shallow, and 1 deep (not file folder deep) drawer). And to finish the set, I bought this rack to hang my CPU, so that it would be off the floor, and off the desk top.

Problem 1 was disassembling the units and getting them home. (harder to do when the are not in the neat flat boxes--and hard because they were so heavy.)
Probem 2 –reassembling (I had to take apart my old computer desk to have room to assemble the new one, and the desk is big, awkward to move and more awkward to turn right side up (it is easiest to assmble upside down) and heavy.

These problems got resolved LAST summer.. and the basic desk was assembled and put in place

Problem 3 was finding the hardware needed to add the half round extension. (since it normally come packaged with purchase, and while it can be purchased at customer service seperately, finding the name and part number of the individual components is not easy.)

Problem the next, (and this list could go on for pages) was the computer rack (purchased last year, but just installed this week.)

It came with the right hardware—and was designed to fit into the metal frame of the desk. The frame that it fit into? (part of the original desk)-It had the smallest of dings—and the parts wouldn't fit (well, not till I took a hammer to the frame and removed the ding.)

After everything was assembled, and I was plugging thing back together, (neater and more organized, and labeled) I discovered that my monitor cable was about an inch to short—and I needed to disassemble and find something to raise the CPU up and inch--(a temporary fix is in place. A long term fix is needed.)

So I am not sure if I want to install the table top extension before I get a permanent fix, (because its a real PITA to access and plug stuff into the CPU with the table top extention in place-) but since the table top extension is where the printer is going to be—with out the extension, no printer.

I won't go on...but it amazing how a little project becomes a big one—-I could set the printer up in a less convenient location—but the cable for the printer isn't long enough to do that, either. And I still haven't moved the swing arm lamp...

Did I mention, it was 90+° (Wednesday and Thursday) and, Oh, yeah might as well get the floor cleaned and rescue all the stuff that is fallen under the desk, and organize all the extra cords (so many and never one the right size!) and power supplies.

And do I want this external DR drive? (Do I need 3 R/W CD's? Or this flat bed scanner? (and where on the desk will I put it?)

Some extra hardware was gifted to a friend (a USB hub—my current computer has 6 ports (my old one had 2, and 4 port usb hub was needed) —and some got thrown out. (a non optical mouse) and ...endless sorting and organizing went on.

Still on the list, is the wireless router, to make a wi-fi network –and the lap top more useful. I consider myself lucky that I am skilled enough and comfortable enough to do this all myself—I am not a great network engineer, but I can (and do) muddle through, and eventually make things work! (I've never actually been a network engineer, but just someone who has been willing to help—and all my knowledge is second hand.--I know hardware very well, and software very well, but my networking skills are only so so))

So after hours of work, I have a somewhat improved computer desk, but not a completed work station. Still, its is 90% better than it was.

Needless to say, I haven't done much knitting! My yoga socks have a heel hole—but I still need a few more inches of instep.

I do have 1 new skirt-- a new, new one—not an old one mended or altered to make it usable again. And I have a mended skirt too, (it was in need of mending –a simple seam to be sewn--for more than 3 years)

There is still have a big pile of mending/altering/repairs to do.

And a pile of fabric –(some recylced) to make into tote bags (for friends) and maybe even a new skirt--Actually several pieces of fabric slated to become skirts, one forest green, one white. And some light blue denim—that last fabric? It's the tote bag fabric. But I have so much of it, about 6 yards (54 inches wide!) that I think I might make a skirt from it too.

Plus I have the yoga mat bag to make—to go with the socks—that is another green—not exactly the same green as in the yarn—but close.

When I was young—I had energy enough to do all this, take care of family, and work full time. Now, I am overwhelmed by the list--and actually doing the work?!

But I am whittling away at the list, and will be rewarded with a nice computer network, neatly organized, working efficiently (I have most of the components on a new energy saving power strip—turn off the CPU, and most of the components are auto off, too!) and new clothes (who isn't happy with new clothes!?) and a destash of stuff that is obsolescent. (oh my pack rat tendency be damned!) and a neater apartment.

My current computer is my fourth—my laptop, is my third (OK, the first didn't count, because it was a loaner, and not owned by me) and its amazing how things have changed, and how once common parts are now junk (in just a few years.)

Last year (old computer) I needed a card reader (for camera) now, I have a new computer with a build in card reader, (and a compact flash drive reader,and a memory stick reader, too,) and my separate card reader (one of the USB devices I needed the hub for), is an unneeded bit of hardware, too! My first computer, (1982!) didn't start out with a floppy drive--(a real floppy--the 5.25 inch ones!) forget about a hard drive--how things have changed!


zippiknits.....sometimes said...

I found this post very exciting for the detail and the amazing adaptability that your talents at most everything to do with the hands and mind stuff into a day or a week or sometimes it takes a year. Ya. sometimes. That you do it all yourself just totally blows me away.

My desk is from Ikea,too, but bought and has an outrigger for the CPU and the printer, the scanner goes between the uprights and the monitor and there's a shelf over all that with god only know what on it. Lots of mysterious documents up there. A turn table to convert vinyl to MP3s is on the other side of the monitor. That's all of my stuff in this office. About a quarter of the room.

I hear you about energy.. Lord it is gone forever.

ImplausibleYarn said...

The old days of computers, they were great right? The hours I spent playing that old school version of oregon trail. No graphics to speak of, still.
I hate how frustrating it is to be an inch short, on anything really. good luck with it all.

Virginia G said...

Wow. I had forgotten about the era of booting up with a floppy disc. Our computer's CPU (my dad was a HUGE gear head) was over three feet tall and almost a foot and a half wide.

Pretty amazing when you think about how small things have gotten now. My cell phone is a mini computer, with almost as much memory as my laptop. CRAZY.