Thursday, June 17, 2010

NOT SOCK!- Story to follow.

Of course this post is about socks! I finished the knitting, and then finished weaving in the last 3 tails, and the ROY G BIV socks are done! How could it be NOT SOCKS. (well there is more!)

For Neen (and others) I've included a a view of the 'side (seam as it were) where the BoR is—I mentioned on Ravelry, that while I obsess about cast ons, JOGS don't bother me in the least! I do make a small effort to obscure them,--and an other small effort when I weave in the tails, but not much.

Neen was concerned how the back of my sock would be spoiled by jogs—but since I knit 2 on 2 circ's –using a method of my own to start –my Beginning of Round (BoR) is at the side, not at the center back. (and I sort of agree about the center back of the leg—its very noticable when going up strairs—and I do that all the time on the subway!

The stitch patterning does a lot to obscure the jog—but you can see I rather clearly at the heel gusset in the RED, where the decreases make the jog very evident (who cares? It in the heel!) Another trick I used—and this works perfectly--was I alternated the BoR, and sometimes started a new color on the Mid point—half a round away!

I still knit my 5 round--(it works-its just a variation of spiral knitting) and ended them at the mid point.

So half the jogs are on the other side –and this too, helps to obscure the jogs—

But the news of the day is, I finished ROY G BIV, and didn't cast on new socks! Instead—I found a new pattern for the Pagewood Farms wool and cashmere—and look—5 repeats of the lace pattern completed. I've slightly stretch (and in the end, I will do the same when I block) to open the pattern up so you can see it.

I love the pattern, (called waterfalls) –6 unique rows—including decreases, (but not YO's) on the wrong side. Complex enough to be interesting, simple enough that I almost have it down pat in 5 repeats (20 really, since there are 4 repeats in a row, and I've worked 5 repeats, if you count by rows.)

Of course there are still socks (potential socks!) clamoring for attention in the back ground –5 pre-packed sock club bags, and as many again in my mental queue!

Likely, IRIS's (Moose Manor Yarns) will be next—Well next after a quick pair of yoga socks.. (toeless, heelless tubes!) that will be another contribution to DD fund raiser (won't be till August likely, so I have time—and you'll have to have patience.)


Virginia G said...

The socks are truly lovely!

zippiknits.....sometimes said...

You, m'friend, make the most beautiful socks! I'll cast mine on in the morning.

I watered the garden today and did the laundry. We watched USA VS Ghana, and that was the day..evening time was a French film about Seraphine Louis. My energy level is zilch these days. lol

Millie D said...

So pleased to see these socks, they are fabulous, I bet you love wearing them.