Tuesday, June 15, 2010

R O Y G—Repeat # 3!

Heel turned. Yes, in the light of day, with a clear head, I can turn a heel! This time both sides of the heel match and make a nice sharp V.

There are a number of different styles for turning a heel—I don't have a real preference by style. I chose based on the desired ratio. (Learn more here)

This sock had 72 stitches to start—the deep 2 x 2 ribbing and length of the leg were factors in the number, as was the stitch pattern, and the placement. I also wanted a larger number of stitches because the slip stitch pattern, changes the gauge, and I'd rather socks be a bit baggy in the leg, than too tight.

But the foot part of the sock only has 60 stitches—I decreased 12 stitches between the leg and foot. Some in the heel flap (and the round just before I started the heel flap), and some in the gussets . For theses socks I wanted a turning that left the fewest stitches (and each style turning results with a different number of stitches left over). Then I just slightly extended the gussets –and hid some decreases in the gusset there--where the decreases are invisible.

The change is stitch count is almost imperceptible.--But now that you know it, it's is as obvious as the nose on your face!

The last strand of the V was woven in—the leg is now totally finished—and strands from ROY are finished too. I also wove in the tail from the cast on (since the beginning of the round is the first stitch of the sole of the sock.. and its easy to keep track now that the heel has been turned!)

G and the stripes to come will be the last of the finishing—well except for the bind off tail, (which hardly counts; the bind off will be a graft, and it's easy peasy to just continue with a weave in after the graft!)

I don't think they will be completed today—But the end is in sight! And when I have completed the knitting, the socks will be nearly (or maybe completely!) finished, too.

There are some wonderful advantages to making your own striped—even if there are ends to weave in. The perfect match (OK, I am not that obsessed with a perfect match—still its nice!) The consistency of the pattern over the instep –no break cause by working the heel flap, (YES, this is one aspect I really like) and the consistency of the stripe width especially while working the longer rounds at the gusset. (My Oh My, I do like this!)

Best of all, is the ability to chose all the colors and to great a stripe that is total mine --OK so the colors of the spectrum are hardly original. But-- you can ask my kids—there isn't a box of crayons that is safe around me—they are always organized in color order when left alone with me. (I don't care that the kids play with the crayons and mess up the order—I just want them in order when I PLAY with them.)

I really like colors organized this way--and I like that lots of other knitter have done ROY G BIV (or ROY G B(i)V socks--and that pretty as they are, they are nothing like mine!


Experimental Knitter said...

I LOVE that site! It's the only way I turn heels, no matter the pattern.

I must have it printed out a dozen times so I can carry it around.

~RaenWa~ said...

I love the way your socks are coming out the colors are great.

Virginia G said...

Those socks are really really happy!

I bet you're going to feel awesome when you wear them.