Tuesday, June 08, 2010

RY is now ROY

The new pattern is emerging—And I like it!

I love self patterning yarns—be they jacquards, or stripes, or just mutli color hand painted look. But nice as any of them are, they are OTHERS choices, others designs. A sort of color by number sock pattern. I wore my Crowning Achievement socks last week, and Lots, and LOTS of people said “ I love the colors” I said thank you—but really, I HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THE COLOR SELECTIONS—well nothing beyond basically agreeing with all my complimenters—and chosing and buy the skeins of yarn.

Once in a while, I will make a totally generic sock with a self patterning yarn, but more often, I try to add something—a stitch pattern, a bit of contrasting yarn, an edge, a novelty heel design—something that changes the sock from just using someone else's design—exclusively—into a design that has something of me in it.

I suppose its a bit of vanity—but I am creative, and I want my socks to be reflective of me.

Sure it's work to weave in ends every 5 R's—but it's so worth it to have a simple stripe that is MY STRIPE. My design. ROY G BIV is hardly a new creative color way.. and the stitch pattern, a version of scattered oats is nothing very much either.. but together, the two become special.

I like working out the details (and will be pleased no end when it comes to the heel and gussets to be able to have a perfect unbroken pattern on the instep) I like seeing how what I imagine become reality.

And, of course, with a ROY G BIV color way, these socks will match everything!


Millie D said...

Wow! I love these socks! Looking forward to seeing the finished article!

Virginia G said...

Loving the Roy G Biv socks. :)

I think it is awesome that you are using your handknit socks as a reflection of your creativity. That puts a big old smile on my face.