Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Where Does the Time Go?

I just realized—3 PM and I haven't posted today—and why not?

Well, I have been busy—Took some photo's of the finished Waterfalls Lace Scarf—its really is prettier than I thought it would be.

I tweeked and detailed the pattern, then uploaded the PDF of the same—It's now available on Ravelry for sale ($3)--so you too can knit one! (and I am going to have to play with the link to the pattern on Ravelry--since I just checked it, and its not working!)

And I made a new video of a Bind Off. I am not too persnickety about bind offs.
I know a few bind offs that match cast ons—and I sometimes intentional match a bind off to a cast on, but sometimes I don't.

There are at least a half dozen variations of the standard (k1, * K1, pass the first K1 over the second, repeat from * till end) and some details for the last stitch bound off – one set of tricks for flat knitting, another set of tricks when knitting and binding off in the round. Plus, there are sewn bind offs, and picot bind offs and other not so standard variations.

I recently bound off a pair of socks, and made a mistake as I did so—and ended up with a new bind off!
It is easy (an other basic variation of the standard), it's attractive (with a chain on the front of the work), and it's stretchy (not the stretchiest—but stretchier than average with no effort --no need for a larger needle, or other tricks).

You can find the newest video on YouTube—and try it for yourself.

Oh, yeah, Knitting—the yoga socks are growing—and any thoughts I've had about working with the NORO are gone—its too hot and humid right now to think about WOOL. I remembered, I have some cotton in a similar color way (turquoise and purple) to the Pagewood Farms wool I just used—Time for a cotton top I think!

I haven't got back to my sewing (my new demin skirts needs pockets, a waist, and hem) but need to soon—I plan to make a Yoga mat bag to to with the Yoga socks (a set!) and the pile of mending isn't going to mend itself!

But I have been getting to the pool—and working out, and my upper arms are getting stronger, and my knee hurts less when I work it out with out impact, and in theory—all the sun light is going to make some Vit. D3—and help my body absorb all the calcium and keep my bones strong. It's made an impact on my blood pressure—every day I exercise, it's back down to below 70--(125 over 69 again!)

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Virginia G said...

The scarf is REALLY pretty. I have to stop every repeat and stretch it out to admire it. I can not WAIT to block this sucker.

Congrats on lowering your blood pressure a little bit! Keep going at it.