Monday, June 21, 2010


Here it is Knit, not finished, not blocked—and it looks OK. When i finished (with about 2 yards of yarn left over!) , it was, unstretched at all, about 4 inches by 62.
but the pattern is almost a rib--(alternate columns of knit lace, with columns of purls between)--slight stretched (and on the needle) it was about 6 inches wide.

Now, here it is, pinned out and drying.. and WOW! I didn't do a hard block--my cast on, stretchy as it is, will only stretch to about 10 inches--so the finished size is about 9 inches by 84 inches (or metrically, about 22mm by 2.2 meters.)

It's warm and humid today, and I think, even with the fan on, I will have to wait till tomorrow to show you the scarf draped and lovely looking—but it is a nice start.

I especially like how the dark purple makes zig-zag waves thought the piece. Its always chancy how hand painted yarn colors are going to pool--and the zig zag waves are not consistent--but recur often enough--with no major pools or splotches, to make a nice pattern.

The Yoga sock have been cast on (the Russian Knotted cast on,) but with a scant half dozen rounds knit—they don't look like much-so I didn't bother taking a photo.

A solid (rosy red) cuff, and then self striping yarn--Kroy stripes in Crayon—(yet an other discontinued color way) I bought a bunch of discontinued color ways—and tried to get pairs (as a minimum) or 3 or 4 skeins, of each color, if I really liked the color way. But somehow, I ended up with a single skein of this color way. (I really like it!)

I rarely use a whole skein for a pair of sock—and never use a whole skein then I add contrasting cuffs, heels, and toes. These stock won't have heels or toes—and with deep contrasting cuff, I should have plenty for a short leg, and short instep section. I don't expect to have more than inches left over of the self striping, but I should have enough of the rosy red to use to trim out another pair of socks.

I used the Russian knotted cast on—because
A—It a good stretchy cast on for sock
B—Its a good cast on for ribbing (and this socks will be mostly ribbed)
C—Its a single yarn cast on, and I can use it again—and have some constitantcy after the heel opening.

What next? Maybe for the NOT socks project, a small vest out of the Noro I have--i think something like EZ rib warmer-- but not.

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Virginia G said...

It's GORGEOUS! I cast on last night... will post about it tomorrow.