Monday, June 07, 2010

You Get Sucked In

Or you drift off.

It started a few years ago with a blog. I wanted to write about my knitting, my design efforts and other stuff. Slowly but surely, I developed readership—for I while I was obsessive about readership—so I joined Site Meter—so I could see HOW many readers I had, and who referred them to my blog. (Since then, I have learned I am (or I was!) in the top 100 knitting blogs--if anything my readership has gone up since then. )

If you are interested in knitting or crochet, it's almost impossible not to be on Ravelry. It's THE resource for knitters and crocheters. And so, I joined Ravelry—and love it. And I love that I can (and have!)been able to sell patterns on Ravelry. Needless to say, there is a link to my blog on my Ravelry profile page. And a link on this blog back to my Ravelry store--where you can buy (or download free) patterns.

Then, all my Word Nerd friends ended up on Facebook, and well, I had to get onto Facebook.
But too many people play Farmville, or Mafia Wars, and too many strangers want to be my friend—so not only am I on FaceBook—Golden Apples has a fan Page—any one can be my fan. And Fans will be treated to videos first, and free pattern, and other stuff as it comes along.

Today—I uploaded a Knitting Video to the Golden Apples fan page-- a 9 minute tutorial on how I start socks for working 2 sock on 2 circs.

Some where along the way, I started to make videos --all of them about knitting--and I have a fan base on YouTube as well. The video will be posted there, too in a few days.

Meanwhile, SiteMeter tells me, that some of my blog readership is coming from Twitter—I am not on Twitter (make that I WASN'T ON) Twitter—but as of today.. I am tweeting, too. And seeing who is tweeting about me! My twitter account is still pretty new (no photo yet)--and no followers, and not yet following any one--but that will change, too, I am sure.

Next is a phone upgrade, so I can tweet from my cel phone, and let you know that I have completed some element of the on ROY G BIV sock (right now, the cuff is totally completed — all knit, and all the ends woven in.)

And that's when you know, I am totally Sucked In!
With a web enabled phone, I'll be able to tell you that I have started the new stitch pattern on the sock, (and made a mistake, and knit RY—not RO-and frogged my way back to R)

Or that I have started a small triangular shawl out of some cashmere blend sock yarn (I forget who when and where—but I look it up)

I only have a scant inch done-- (cast on 4, increase every other row) but I am working both ends at once (working from the center and outside of the ball) so I can work till I run out of yarn—with out having to work to hard to keep track of where the middle lies.
Saturday, at the Mets game, some knitters admired the colors in the ROY socks—and wanted to know what yarn. When I explained—8 balls (7 colors and grey) they lost interest and expressed it was too much work to do a real stripe and weave in all those ends.

Me? I think its entirely worth it! I will have the stripes I want, and they will be perfect—even over the instep, as I work the gussets, the striping will be consistent!

By tomorrow, I will have RO and maybe even ROY and photo's of the same—but for now, just a bunch of links—and the new video on my Facebook fan page.

So go look at it already!


JelliDonut said...

It really is insidious, isn't it? I was actually thinking of closing my facebook account--not to fond of their privacy (or lack thereof) policies.

Will follow you on Twitter. Fun!

teabird said...

I'm your third follower! YAY!

themamajama said...

I feel like the last holdout - no blogging, twitter or spinning - and someone referred to my phone as "retro"