Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Been Getting My Butt Kicked

But I keep on trying!

First, last week, when I was ready to start back to work on my mittens, one of the skeins, (ball actually) up and went walkabout. Looked everywhere—and finally, I went out, on Saturday, and bought a new skein. It Looked like a good match (and as it turned out, it was the same dye lot!) and no sooner than I got home, and started to work, the errant skein said, ME? You were looking for me?

Well it's fine—I really like the yarn-its JoAnne's Sensations (house brand) Kashmir—a real scrunch, sprongy wool—it just wonderful stuff. I wish the local JoAnne's carried it in more colors.
Black, white, red (wine), green, and sometime (not recently) a light blue is all I ever find in stock—even on line! (it's on sale now, $4.19 for a 284 yd skein)—not the cheapest yarn out there, but a good value. So having a bit extra, isn't really a problem!

I ended up charting, (on graph paper) a tree design—and the palm is a lattice—nothing really original, just a simple mindless pattern.

Here is the palm—the green markers at the top are BoR markers, the orange ones mark the beginning of the thumb gusset.--which is just 1 increase away from being finished.--note the thumbs have a simple birds eye pattern, not the lattice pattern used in the palm.

When there is more of the Tree—I'll show you front. The mittens are huge—and medium gauge—I plan to full them slightly once they are done, to make the fabric denser (and warmer), to help lock the floats, and to make them just a little smaller.

I mentioned the lattice is a mindless pattern—and it is. Just 2 patterns to learn.
A-- green, black, green, 3 blacks and B-- 1Green, 2 black, 1Green, 2 black
Row 1 B
Row 2 A
Row 3 A (off-set)
Row 4 B
Row 5 A(off-set)
Row 6 A
(by off-set I mean 3 blacks, then green black green VS Green, Black, Green, 3 Blacks)

I don't have a full repeat, so I at the beginning of each row, I look to see where to start the pattern, and which pattern to use.. and then its mindless. I love how 2 simple patterns of color can work to produce a complex looking design.


JelliDonut said...

Those socks are really looking gorgeous. Thanks for the heads-up about the sale yarn. Always helps!

Virginia G said...

My head hurts just looking at this. :)

gayle said...

My brain processes that pattern just like yours does - green-black-green- 3 black, and the offset. Two rows, easy peasy.
Looking forward to seeing the trees. And I love the braids framing the cuff pattern.