Monday, July 26, 2010

A Break in the Weather

So sorry dear readers—but here in the north east corner of US—it's been one heat wave after another.

Hot days, (90°f/35°C) are bad enough—but the worst is: it hasn't (all to often!) cooled down at night.

An over night “low” of 84° (28°) is just way too hot! And 2 or 3 nights in a row of temps like that, (and very little sleep) just leaves me exhausted. I have a multitude of fans, but it doesn't make much difference--(the humidity has been high too) -- I don't sleep so much as I stew.

No Knitting--(2 rounds completed in the whole week!)and very little of anything else!--

Instead, there has been Cabana Drama at the Pool--
Person A objecting to Person B, and Person C taking it upon themselves to complain that person D was offended—by person B—and then me being asked to tell Person G to tell person B to leave and never visit our cabana again--(SO 6th Grade!)

One of the complainers (there were several) –capped her argument with a Perry Mason touch--
SHE'S a LEO--(and some comment on the nature of LEO's) She apparently thinks that astrology is the deciding factor in personality–making the drama into an incredible stupid, childish farce—except of course it wasn't.

There were real people involved, and real hurt feelings, there was cruelty and stupidity in equal measure.

This is the first year I've 'been friendly' at the pool—and I am reminded why I am often seen as stand offish.

Of course, there are people I like, and others I don't like. But I try to live and let live, and not to be part of the snobbish clicks—and while my faults are legion, gossiping is not one. Like many a small society—at the pool—gossip seems all to often to be the main conversational theme.
Gossip magazines are the favorite reading material (few books are seen)--and when gossip about celebrities grows dull, the conversation centers on those on the pool deck-and things get savage.

Saturday, the weather was brutal—and I sat an home and sweat till I had a pool of my own ( late afternoon)—hoping to avoid some of the players.

Today—milder (84°/28°is the expected HIGH)—and a catch up day—here, with housework—maybe even some knitting and some sewing—I got a second hand (well third hand actually) sewing machine—a Viking (Husqvarna) 500—not the very top of the line—but a wonderful feature loaded machine and I have a pile of things to sew!

My old machine was purchased the same year my son was born--(and while I have aged slowly,(and claim to be 51 (with 49 years of knitting experience)) my son (mostly wonderful) is evil and insists on being 35.

35 years is not a bad run for one of the early computerized sewing machines--(and it has some life left)—but it has been breaking down –almost yearly—for the past few years.

It gets fixed.. but it really is getting to the point of not being reliable. I sew enough (still) to want to have a reliable machine--and this feature loaded one will bring hours (and YEARS) of pleasure I am sure.

The heat (and humidity) returns tomorrow--but Wednesday there will be more thunderstorms and maybe no pool. I might just find my self sewing.
(and will take some photo's too!)
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