Friday, July 09, 2010

I am Back.

The heat wave is over—yesterday was a balmy 86°--though the 60% humidity made it feel worse than it sounds. But it was a break from the 90 and 100 (101 was the hottest) degree day that NYC has been having for the past week.

I did nothing—I'd get up each morning, shower and have breakfast, and the collapse with the heat, and take a short sweaty nap. Up again, I'd take another cold shower, and no nothing, followed by, a trip to the pool where I would do some water aerobics, and just lounge in the water trying to stay cool.

Home, another shower, something to eat, and an attempt at sleep.

I don't do well in the hot weather. Never have. (I got heat rash till I was in my mid thirties!)

When I moved to this apartment (I own it) I made a choice not to have air conditioners. Yes, there are 6 to 10 days each year that get to be 90° or hotter—and we do get a heat waves (3 or more consecutive days of 90°+weather.)

I don't feel I do enough to be conservative—my carbon footprint is just a bit too big for my liking and NO AC is my attempt at reducing it. Humans have lived and survived for millions of years with the occasional (and in some places not so occasional!) heat wave. I can, too. I am really happy to have a membership in the pool club—and it, as much as anything has keep me from heat stroke!

For the duration of the heat wave, I didn't cook, (or clean much) I didn't knit or sew, or do anything—not even sit and blog about doing nothing.

But I am back, and back too, are the cuffs on the mittens.

They are large (mens large) size mittens—and will be slightly fulled when done—not enough to to really felt and shrink them, just enough to pull the stitches and floats together.

Next up is another Latvian Braid—and then a change to black and the green and a fir/evergreen tree motif.

I like the starry cuff—a free hand design—but I will find (or make a chart of my own) for the tree.

They are pretty--and not to big to be working on in this cooler, but still hot weather.


JelliDonut said...

Glad your heat wave is over. It's been gloriously cool here, and I'm thankful.

Those mittens are GORGEOUS! Can't wait to see them finished.

teabird said...

Human beings did, indeed, survive without a/c. However, they did not live in apartment buildings, and they did die of asthma/allergies/heat stroke in alarming numbers...

The mitten looks great!

Anonymous said...

Those cuffs are gorgeous! Also glad to read you used your brain to survive the heat. It always amazes me at the number of people who suffer and die from heat stroke because they hadn't thought of taking a cool shower or getting in a cool tub of water. Judy

Virginia G said...

The cuffs look lovely! I'm glad you're back. It was ridiculously hot. I'm so glad that it has started to cool off, because I don't think we would have lasted much longer. The fire hydrants were really nice. :)

Melissa said...

I once heard that the only reason the Southern United States became and stayed as populated as it has is because the invention of air conditioning made it bearable for people to live in such hot (and humid) climates. I really like the cuffs. The way the white pops on the black is very nice and I really like the pattern you came up with.

gayle said...

We got hit hard with the heat - Vermont is used to trying to stay WARM, not cool...

zippiknits.....sometimes said...

We've had a very cool summer so far. Unusually cool. I'm sorry that the east coast got all that heat!

We have no AC here, either, and I survive with wet clothes and fans when the temps get about 95. The whole house fan clears out the hot, stuffy air if it cools down outside enough.

The cuffs are gorgeous knitted bits. They would also look very nice on a sewn jacket but will make great mittens. :o)

Anonymous said...

OOoooh, I looove Latvian Braid!
Never tried to do it myself; I just get temporarily transfixed when I see the braid.

Both your mittens and their braid are beautiful!