Friday, July 02, 2010

No Mitten News

Since I made the wise decision not to restart them at night (and re make the same errors)

But, as per Virgina's request, some photos of my new skirts.
Curiously, when I knit socks, or a sweater or scarf or shawl, I want to hold it, and fondle it, and not wear the hand knit item for a period (sometimes as short as 2 days, sometimes as long as 2 months.)

But when I sew—I wear IMMEDIATELY! So skirt 1 and Skirt 2 where picked up off a pile of to be washed –(not stuffed in a hamper, but a piled (pre sorted color wise)) clothes—so they are more than average wrinkled, can get an idea. Skirt 1 is long(ish) and has an Aline center gore (seamed). The side gores have gathers. Skirt 2, 6 shaped gores, an a contrasting ruffle (and its the shortest skirt)

Skirt 1 and skirt 3 are on the left,-- Skirt 2 and 4 are on the right.

And Skirt 3, and Skirt 4—while they look done-still need a lot of little finishing details—skirt 4 needs a patch pocket for 1 (and a final ironing). But you can get the idea.

No, there isn't a pattern I can refer you to—these are just free hand casual skirts—shaped as much by the limits of the fat quarters I had to work with as anything else.

I've been sewing even longer than I have been knitting—and was successful earlier too.

My mother sewed –there wasn't a project she couldn't handle—and while she wasn't a good teacher, I learned a lot by watching, and in senior year of HS—I took a Home Ec course—and learned many of the details my mother hadn't explained.

I have been sewing free hand--(no pattern, or just one I chalk out on the fabric before I cut) for many years—I do buy and use patterns—especially for dressier clothing-(I love Vogue's Designer lines, and have make my self designer suits and coat, with hand tailoring, and bound buttonholes!) but for a simple gathered skirt—or 6 gore A line—well more often than not, I don't bother with a pattern.
I won't be using one for the tote bags that are also on my to do list..
Most of the tote bags will be made with this fabric—it's sort of a faded denim--(or if you look at differently, sky blue with clouds!)print. (the back of the fabric is almost pure white)

I have about 6 yards of the stuff--(54 inch wide!) but its not a 6 yard length—rather 1 2.5 yard piece, a 2 yard piece, and a few pieces (some long and narrow, (2 yards long, 15 inches wide) some short and squat-- (20 inches long, and 40 to 54 inches wide) Its Recyled--and some of it will also find its way into a skirt (or maybe even a jumper!)

Finally, while I left the mittens aside, I did cast on for a quick cotton summer top—Top down, with a circular (not raglan) yoke, that will have a bit of cap sleeve, and stocking knit (or some simple pattern) body. I am just about to increase again--(can you see the rows of simple lace (YO, K2tog across row)?) --the increases are hidden in the lace (some YO are paired with a K1, not a K2tog) –I am using a formula similar to EZ's.

The yarn is from stash--Araucania Pehuén that I got back in 2006--I have some rayon/cotton Chenille from Araucania, too, in almost the same color way- maybe a shrug of the chenille once the top is knit, that I got about the same time.


ieva said...

Number 4 looks very original and interesting. Good idea!

Virginia G said...

The skirts look great! I particularly love skirt #3.

I learned to sew sometime around the time I learned to crochet (so basically before I can remember). It's a highly enjoyable and extremely time consuming habit.