Thursday, July 01, 2010

The Powers that BE

Were waiting for me to make something of the mess my computer desk was.

Cleaned off, and reasonable neat, I wouldn't totally embarassed when the cable guy came.
Because no sooner did I have it neat, and accessable and organized, than my cable modem failed.
(It's about 4 years old, and that is longer I think than the expected life!)

Wrong! The modem is fixed. (software or cable provider problem—4 hours later I am back on line.)

The mittens? —Are no more! Done in my a score of late night knitting mistakes.. Frogged back to the Braid, they will be reworked—and done better!--maybe some photo's of the same tomorrow.

I know I've mentioned sewing—but I haven't taken any photos... But so far, 2 new skirts, both made from fat quarters found (Cheap!) at a garage sale—and there are still more piecesof denim fat quarters to work with--but –not enough matching pieces to make any1 thing out of 1 color.

I could cut and piece them, and use different colors, but I think I might experiement with a vest.. with different colors in the yoke and front, back and sides—something that makes good use of the remaining fat quarters. Denim vest are very often pieced, with the front (and back) being made from shaped panels--making the panels different colors (so long as they are some what matched--ie, center front and center back the same, side front, side back the same, and front yoke and back yoke the same) will work out fine.

Skirt 1 (done) has 2 tiers—a 6 gore shaped (A line) top(with an elastic waist): the lower tier has gathers at the side, and an ungathered center panel.--the quarters were cut so the straight of the grain was 18 inches the width, 22—the lower tier used 6 quarters—and it's almost 180 inches around at the hem! Very full and swingy.

Skirt 2 (done) is also a 6 gore top, (also made from 4 fat quarters) in a dark denim, with a 8 inch ruffle at the hem.--the ruffle is a sky blue denim, that almost looks like blue sky and clouds--but that is not evident in the short ruffle. It's relatively short--it covers my knees, but that's it!
Both of these skirts have side seam (almost invisible pockets.)

Skirt 3 is nearing completion—gathered tiers of bandannas(navy)—it's very simple, and very long; 4 bandannas make the upper elastic gathered tier, 6 make the lower gathered tier—and side seam pockets (I LOVE POCKETSespecially in casual clothing—and almost never make a skirt with out pockets.)

Skirt 4 (another one of denim fat quarters) is planned, and partially cut, it will have bandannas, (red) cut to make a handkerchief hem—it will be fitted enough to require a zipper—but will also have an elastic waist –the thing about fat quarters is—no length to cut a waistband--so even a somewhat fitted skirt required an hem (and elastic) at the waist.

Skirt 5 will be a change—forest green, not denim, and after that, (with green thread still in bobbin and on machine) will be the yoga mat bag. The forest green fabric isn't a denim, but it is a twill, and I have a length of fabric, so its going to be a fitted A-line--with waistband--and likely, a decorative (Black? Yellow? some color!) full length zip front.

Skirt 6 will be one made from a pair of cut off jeans(black, not blue denim) —and other set of bandannas (yellow) to finish it.

A whole new wardrobe--(and all of it for under $15!--well maybe a bit more, what with thread and elastic) paired with the camp shirts I got last year—it will be great boost. I am a clothes horse, I admit it—but I hate to spend money!

I have a friend who calls herself an aging hippy—but her definition of hippy is long hair, smoking dope (she no longer does) and going to concerts.

I also think of my self as an aging hippy—but my frame of reference is more Whole Earth—Making, and making do, being creative and living well with out spending a lot of money. Denim skirts, bandannas, and cut off jean made into skirts is classic hippy clothing—I might be aging, but I am still a bit of hippy.


Virginia G said...

Eh. Hippy or just plain cool... not so much difference there.

I love that you're making all these skirts! They sound really great. You really should take pictures.

zippiknits.....sometimes said...

Being a counterculture person from the getgo, I understand where you are coming from. Hippy is me, 'til the day I die. I'm going with my beads on and flowers in my hair. Good luck in that, eh? I see tubes in my future!

Love your skirts!