Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Cast On Queen (from Queens) Strikes Again

I've not been knitting, and with no knitting to blog about I haven't been blogging.

But ideas have been percolating my thick skull!

I've been reading—some junk (novels) and some references books. I am always amazed that more knitters don't read their reference books like text books—There is so much information even in the least of them. So many simple questions would be avoided. And knitters could gain so much more pleasure from knitting.

Well be that as it may—here are 3 short videos –starting with my least favorite cast ons—a plain simple cast on. (well 4 variations on a simple cast on)

First the very simplest—just wrap the yarn round the needle, then the simple loop, right handed and left handed, and paired right and left handed.

Next—a fiddly variation on the simple, Cast on 2, cast off 1—this works well with a simple cast on, and it also works (but is not demonstrated) with a long tail cast on—Try the long tail variation, too—I really like it!

The buttonhole cast on is just another way to work the Russian Knotted cast on—one that Jeny over on Ravelry has also demonstrated—this is a counter intuitive cast on—each stitch is snugged up as you go—and yet the cast on is super stretchy—so stretchy, its a good choice for socks!

Finally, a version of the knit cast on that uses a twist and yarn over to create a neat attractive edge and stretchy cast on.

This is just a start to the number of single yarn cast ons—but when ever you need to cast on to work in progress—for an underarm, or a buttonhole, or lace like pattern, single yarn cast ons are needed—and depending on the application—knowing something other than the simple cast on can make all the difference to the final appearance of the project.


Virginia G said...

Very very cool. I love learning about all these cast ones and why you use them.

Also, really? Knitters don't read reference books like textbooks? I re-read mine every few months - just constantly cycle through them. I learn something new every time.

gayle said...

I can see I'm going to be busy for a while, testing out cast-ons!
Thanks for all your time and trouble! It's greatly appreciated!