Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Matched Cast Ons and Bind (Cast) Offs

Plus a BONUSA new cast on and matching bind off.

There are times when a matching cast on and bind off are a nice detail.. a scarf perhaps, where both edges are seen, or the center front of Crosswise knit jacket or vest, or both edges of a fingerless glove.

There are a 2 almost perfectly matching sets--
The Long Tail Cast On can be paired with a sewn bind off—but this can be tedious for a number of stitches.
The Crochet Cast on (and there are a few ways to do this) matches well with a Standard (again, several ways to do this) bind off.

There are other cast ons that have close matches—and now a third Cast On/Bind off pair exist.

Back in June (below, or if you prefer, the You Tube). I created this Bind off when I made a mistake when doing another bind off—and the result was my own new way to bind off--a Double Chain Bind Off—A neat, attractive, easy to do bind off. And now, there is a matching Cast On!

I was playing with a knit version of a double crochet chain (this cord can be worked with a crochet hook, or a Lucet, or over your fingers)--and along the way, created a cast on—A Double chain Knit Cast On. It's almost a perfect match for my double chain bind off—and it's not hard to do!
It is easy, attractive, and stretchy, too—making it an option for many items.

Here is a video demonstration--

and here is the matching bind off video.

I hope you enjoy these new options for creating a matching cast on bind off.
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