Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Matched Cast Ons and Bind (Cast) Offs

Plus a BONUSA new cast on and matching bind off.

There are times when a matching cast on and bind off are a nice detail.. a scarf perhaps, where both edges are seen, or the center front of Crosswise knit jacket or vest, or both edges of a fingerless glove.

There are a 2 almost perfectly matching sets--
The Long Tail Cast On can be paired with a sewn bind off—but this can be tedious for a number of stitches.
The Crochet Cast on (and there are a few ways to do this) matches well with a Standard (again, several ways to do this) bind off.

There are other cast ons that have close matches—and now a third Cast On/Bind off pair exist.

Back in June (below, or if you prefer, the You Tube). I created this Bind off when I made a mistake when doing another bind off—and the result was my own new way to bind off--a Double Chain Bind Off—A neat, attractive, easy to do bind off. And now, there is a matching Cast On!

I was playing with a knit version of a double crochet chain (this cord can be worked with a crochet hook, or a Lucet, or over your fingers)--and along the way, created a cast on—A Double chain Knit Cast On. It's almost a perfect match for my double chain bind off—and it's not hard to do!
It is easy, attractive, and stretchy, too—making it an option for many items.

Here is a video demonstration--

and here is the matching bind off video.

I hope you enjoy these new options for creating a matching cast on bind off.


Rachel said...

Wouldn't this be like Jeny's Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off? Only she reverses the direction of the yos depending whether you're knitting or purling. I know she originally had the yo's done both the same direction, but she found it was stretchier to do a reverse yo for the knit stitches.

Unknown said...

yes and no--Jeny's bind off has YO first on the needle then the knit stitch (K, YO) that is passed over, this bind off has YO, then the Knit that is passed over.

and while stretchy this bind off isn't as stretchy (it's not called a surprizingly stretch bind off!)--but it is pretty stretch--i think more over, it's PRETTY (first, stretchy second)--with the double chain.

Virginia G said...

Your double chain cast off IS really pretty. I've used it on another project now, and I'm pretty pleased with it.