Thursday, August 26, 2010

Mittens—with thumbs!

And all the ends woven in and finished.

So now I can check out my bags of socks to be, and knit me a pair of socks!

Which ones will it be? Should I just pick up a random bag, or sort through the bags and find the yarn I like best?

Will it be a sock of my own? or Skew? or some other sock pattern or idea i like.

Until I do, this will work—a miscelanious ball of yarn—not enough to do anything with, really, is becoming a narrow lacy scarf—I sometimes use small scarves like this one will be-- to dress up visors—a fillip* of sorts. (I wear visors all summer!) I have a few—and the small scarf works to hide damp or less than neat hair (as when I come out of the pool with wet hair!)
(*see the 3rd meaning)

The lace pattern is pretty enough—and simple enough too, but not for the faint hearted--
R1—a bunch of P4 togethers (enough to scare away many)
R2—Increases to make up for decreases in the previous row

Its a triple welt—too. A simple welt is a garter ridge, a double welt is Knit 1 row, Purl 1 row, knit 1 row, , then Purl 1 row, knit 1 row, Purl 1 row.. (or 3 rows of stocking knit, 3 rows of reverse stocking knit)

The combination of all the decreases in one row and all the increases in the next creates a wavy selvage, the trile welts makes the scarf wavy all along the fabric.

I like this pattern—and I will keep it in mind for other things.

Thats it—there is no more!

Well that was it LAST night, when I wrote, but didn't get around to posting. Then the 4 inch scarf was 15 or so inches long, now, the end of the ball is in sight--and the scarf is 36 inches long (or just a few mm short of a meter, for those of you who measure in meters)--its just swatch (less!) wide (not quite 4 inches/10mm). and it is lacier than it looks. The yarn is mostly cotton, and when it hangs, it opens up.

I think I reach a meter, and maybe a little more after that--a not to long narrow scarf--but it will be big enough !

I still haven't decided which socks to knit--and a pair of fingerless gloves becken.. (how could I even think about fingerless gloves after griping about the mittens!?)


JelliDonut said...

What kind of needles do you recommend for something with a P4 together? Great mittens, btw!

Virginia G said...

Love the mittens! They're awesome.

plnc said...

Wouldn't the three rows of ss then three rows of reverse ss be: knit, purl, knit, knit, purl, knit? (You are knitting flat?) Thanks, I do enjoy reading your blog and was glad to see you start back to posting :-)