Monday, August 30, 2010

Scarves and Sock... (a recurring pattern!)

So I finished my little lacy scarf (and gave it away!) and started on socks—and even cast on for another pair of mittens. But since its just a cast on .... no photos of the mittens.

So here is the scarf—as a headband on a visor--
or around the neck—it finished out at 44 inches (1.05m) –long enough for such a narrow scarf—and here is the cast on and bind off together.. can you guess which is which?

I love the the double chain cast on and matching bind off--have you tried it yet?
I wore the scarf to the pool—and Debbie—a pool friend who seems likely to actually turn into a real friend—loved it, and threatened to steal it. So I gave it to her.

She kept asking--This is knitting? Not Crochet? --the lacy pattern does look more like crochet, than lace.. but knit lace it is. Lena--a lady of a certain age, looked at it, and admired the cast on/bind off, too. Lena knits eastern style (yarn round the neck) but not so much any more.

I am slowly but surely turning Debie into a knitter.. She been ill--no not the right work—suffering ill effect of a fall is more accurate--and been visiting doctors on a hourly basis--(oh yeah, her mother has been ill too (the surgical sort of ill, combined with all the ailments a person is prone to, (and more) with advancing age). I hooked her on making I cord with a spool knitter to pass the time--and I-cord is just a gate way drug to knitting.

1 skein of JoAnne's Kashmira yarn later (284 yard!)(Kashmira is a DK weight wool)--she is now sewing together a place mat (hot mat?) that will be felted, too.

And she has expressed interest in learning to make socks!

Oh yeah, socks.. I have been knitting socks, too.
These are my purple iris socks.. the cuff and hem are left over Kroy--(I now just have a few inches of this yarn left in the purple) and the body are Moose Manor Fingering Weight Sock Yarn.

Right now, Betty's (Moose Manors) etsy store is pretty empty—but I will link to it in a few days when she restocks.

The iris color way is just lovely.. and in natural light, there is less contrast between the solid purple and the MooseManor hand painted. I love the little stylized fleur-de-lis on the top cuff.

The rest of the sock will just showcase the hand painted yarn--that neither pools or stripes, but just blurs into a field of iris colors. I started with size 2 needles--but I think I will go down to size 1 for the foot--the fabric (of the leg) is just a little to soft for my liking--its fine for the leg (no wear!) but I want a firmer fabric for the heel and sole. Lets hope it doesn't change the soft blur of colors!

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JelliDonut said...

"I-cord is just a gate way drug to knitting." That cracks me up!