Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Why is it that we sometimes

Like to knit top down seamless sweaters—but dislike bottom up ones?

Or that we like to knit socks on magic loop (but find 2 circulars tedious?)
(For me, it's magic loop that is tedious...)

And for me, socks are joy to knit-(I haven't knit a pair now in 2 months, and I am jones'n to start a pair ASAP)—but mittens are a chore.

I don't know why—sure these are big mittens (men's size large) but there were just 66 stitches per round—and the size 4/xxmm needles aren't big bulky ones... (which I don't much like either) They are, over all, a few stitches more than a sock (per round)—so it doesn't really make sense that I would love to knit socks, and hate to knit mittens!

But some how, working on these has been hard work. All that is left are the thumbs--(half the stitches for the thumbs are already on the needle)—just a dozen or so stitches to pick up—and a dozen or so rounds to work the thumbs.

I am resolved to do them—and PDQ—because I have resolved not to start a pair of socks till I've finished the thumbs.

AS I worked on these mittens, mistake after mistake crept in—for a while, it seemed I frogged 2 rounds for ever 4 I knit... and eventually, I stopped—trees in nature are perfectly symmetrical or matched.. and these trees aren't either. I might over work with duplicate stitch some of the worst mistakes--we'll see.

(A narrow lace scarf has snuck onto needles today—but its just a single left over ball of yarn (133M)--in a simple lace pattern--)

And there are half a dozen ideas for fingerless mittens ideas that are kicking around--(and yarn enough to knit them all!) --and fingerles gloves are a snap to knit up! But they will come after the Socks--(and this year, I want to knit some halloween socks--and have them finished before holiday--(2 years ago, my mast socks--with acorns and oak leaves were finished just in time for the spring!)

Today is a lovely day—76° (circa 21C)--still summery—but a much needed break from the hot hazy days that have predominated this summer—There will be more warm days—and some will come in September, when the pool is closed—but for now, I am sticking to small projects—and holding off on the sleeveless vests and short sleeved shrugs I want to make.

I need to get back to knitting—and blogging about what I've knit!


Virginia G said...

As usual, it is colder in the Bronx. It hasn't hit 70 yet today. Not that I am complaining, mind you.

I'm sorry the mittens didn't turn out as expected, but they're still pretty!

Also, I adore top down seamless, but hate bottom up. Go figure.

JelliDonut said...

I don't mind magic loop for hats but find it tedious for socks. Go figure!