Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Astronomy, for fun! & Knit 3D Roses

I am always slightly amazed (and disappointed) by the number of seeming intelligent people who follow astrology—and know nothing about ASTRONOMY!

I confess, I don't know much. I live in NYC and the level of ambient light is HUGE. During WWII, with a partial black out in place, you could still see the glow of NYC 100 miles out at sea!-- And since then, its only gotten brighter. I could still see a hand full of constellation as a child.. Now days, its hard to see more than a dozen stars in the sky.

This is one reason I am a bit of a lunatic (Yes, I know the preferred word of us moon lovers is LUNARIAN) You can always see the moon, even if the stars aren't visible.
And, well I am crazy about the moon (just ask my kids!)so lunatic works for me!

Given that, you know, I will be out tonight to see not just the lovely moon rise of the full moon, but to catch sight of Jupiter as a companion. (The companionship is an illusion, but a pretty one)

It seems fitting, this week as I have been knitting messages to the Universe, to take a look out into the universe (or at least a small corner of it) Maybe you can too?--Impress you kids by showing off that YOU know how to find Jupiter!

Last night (even though I had a camera!) I was once again an idiot—and finished a block (seed stitch in lemon (pale) yellow, with a 3D knit rose and knit leaf.

It looked sort of like this block-->
(yeah, black is a pain to photograph)
Let me tell, the background on this block is textured, (K2/P2 then change (after 4 rows) to P2/K2). I know you can't see that!

The Rose, is quick and easy one--
cast on X (in my case, I think it was 42)
using long Tail (cast on and R zero)
Change color, work 2 rows of stocking knit,
change color work 1 row (purl row) of stocking knit, then work a Latvian twist (see this video)

Then for the next few rows, work K (or P) 2tog across the row until about 5 to 6 stitches remain.
Bind off drawstring style, leaving a LONG tail.
Weave (or just fold in) the tails from the color changes, and use the tail to sew rose onto the background-- see this video for an idea of how to do this

Roses like this are great for hats, or head bands, or embellishing lots of knit items.

I'll write up directions for leaf if you don't know how to knit one, but its simple too.
Together, they make a wonderful pair and make these dark, dull black beautiful!

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Virginia G said...

Georgia and I have been watching "The Universe" on netflix instant for the past few days. We've learned about the sun, Mars, Jupiter and the moon now. Pretty cool! She gets REALLY into it for the first half hour, but generally falls asleep for the last ten minutes. I can't complain too much. She's only five.

But boy does she ever ask good questions. It's really funny. She anticipates the show by about 10 minutes (asks a question that they don't get to for another 10 minutes in the show).