Monday, September 20, 2010

Block Sets.

The Blocks for the Maker's Faire will be used first to add knit graffitti to the rocket ships on display at the Flushing Meadow Park—then they will be sewn together into large scarves and wrapped.

The rocket ships are early (REAL) ones from the space program.--Titan and Mercury class. They have been a fixture of the park since the 1964 Worlds Fair.

After the Maker's Fair, they will be recycled into blankets. So it makes sense, when possible, to knit not individual blocks ( I have done some of individual blocks) but to knit the blocks together. A blanket make of 3 or 4 or strips (vs 24 individual blocks) is less work to (re) assemble and it is sturdier, too.

So yesterday—a set (well an almost set, block 3 isn't even half finished block three is now finished!)--with a knit in message of wonderful summers for children. Warm sunny days and childhood treats; Cherry Ice, Rainbow Sherbet and grape soda. Rainbow ice uses up more of the orange (and to good effect!) --interspersed with lemon, raspberry and lime stripes. (more grape soda to come!)

(Lion Brand gives these colors names based on various cities) I love so many of the colors—and doing the mix and match striped and solid stitch pattern swatches. I generally don't like chunky or heavy weight yarns (and big needles) but the bright clear colors are so much fun, I can deal.
This square has a lattice like diamond pattern (like the kind of lattice you might find supporting a grape vine!)
A good choice for a grape soda square, don't you think?

Several have admired the arch shape of the color change in 2 of the stripes squares (in previous posts) It's a mistake—a happy happenstance that worked.

There are some striped sweaters that used a seed stitch color change—intentional mixing the colors on a row, that was my plan--- But it was late, and I worked a row of not quite seed stitch (K2, P1) and forgot to change the color. (I was not going to tink or frog!)

So on the next row, with a new color, P2, (the previous knit) and K1 (the previous purl)

IF you methodically started out with a multiple of 3, it would be
R1: K2, P1
R2: with new color of yarn K1, P2.

But I had a multiple of 3 +1 and sometimes started R1with P1. K2, and other times started with K1, *P1, K2, and other times started with K2, P1.

And the number of rows of any one colors in between the changes? Sometimes an even number, sometimes an odd. (there were tails on both selvage edges!)

I was working with scraps, and sometimes I just ran out of yarn! —there was no pre-planning. it was just fun grab a color and go to work. It is a pretty simple pattern—and I suspect it would look good with other numbers (K5, P2, say) –a very successful mistake!

(edited to include the finished grape soda block of the summer set, and block.. (11? 12? I don't know, I am not keeping count!) is on needles..with luck it will be finished on subway ride into the Lion Brand block party tonight!--and it is a special one!)


JelliDonut said...

Love all those swatches. Thanks for the info on the "mistake." That one might just be my favorite!

Virginia G said...

Love all the colors! And it sounds like you're really having a blast with these squares.