Sunday, September 12, 2010

I am knitting

a sock. Well a pair of socks... (what a surprise!)

I am continuing with knitting socks that match my clothing.. this skirt in the background-- (I like it so much, and it was so inexpensive at the time I bought it, I bought 2!--and two co-ordinating tops—one a camp shirt, and the other a vest) is almost threadbare. But I keep mending it and wearing it. I love the soft denim and print--and the faded print. And theses socks? A perfect match!

The yarn is JoAnnes Sensations sock yarn—a fine weight yarn—being worked on size 1's--(my next socks will be some heavier yarn!) in a generic sock pattern. Top down, (tubular cast on) some ribbing (1 x 1) and stocking knit for the leg and foot. At the very bottom (can you see it?) a row of white waste yarn for the heel (an after thought heel, to keep the striping pattern even. And some of my small gussets –that you can't see, --they are on the front of the socks—the kind I usually do with that sort of heel.

The sock are almost knitting themselves... they are flying off the needles. In 2 days, 7 inches knit--at 9 stitches to the inch--with 68 stitches per round!

Meanwhile, if I can't find a knitter today—I will make a third square (and maybe a fourth!) for the Maker's Faire yarn bomb—I have blue, and purple and sage green to work with.

I think a nice ripple pattern in the blue (like wave on the water)--will work nicely--and a message of clear, (clean) blue water is a good message to have knit in.
Not a proper ripple (ie, feather and fan) but on done with a knit and purl stitch pattern. It will be easier to keep the square square that way! This subliminal message will be my message--I will leave it blank for others to add another message.

Purple (to my thinking!) must be mountains.. I know NYC doesn't have any (we do have some hills-impressive hill, but hills, not mountains) but when constructing messages to the universe, I don't think I should be thinking local!

The past few days have been lovely—warm sunny days, and cool nights, I am itching to knit—non stop! I have a cotton top I started back in June—the idea was a summer top.. but now I think it will be a fall top! (if I get to knitting it, and finish it before the weather turns cold!)

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Virginia G said...

I'm itching to knit also, but have had a few roadblocks thrown in my direction, unfortunately.