Sunday, September 19, 2010

I hate Charity knitting.

But enough of that.

I love ART knitting. I am having so much fun with the Yarn Bombing project. I've abandon my socks. (who cares?—I have 50 pairs to wear right now.. If these are a bit late, so what)

I have abandon a fun silly lace project (already almost 1/3rd done.)It is a free from scarf..Do I need ANOTHER scarf? Of course not, it can wait.

I have abandon a summer cotton top. It was to hot to knit in the heat wave after heat wave this past summer, and now the temps are in mid 70's—who needs another cotton top? I hardly wore clothing this summer—but my 5 bathing suits got a work out. I can wait for a cotton top (for next year now) to be finished.

I have knitting I need to do (I NEED to knit another pair of mittens) and knitting I want to do (besides the projects already on needles.)

But the knitting I do is: knit a square. They are so much fun. My creativity is limited by the colors of yarn available. I think Robyn actually had, at one point, every color. Every time I have visited, there are 2 or 3 HUGE boxes of yarn sitting in her cozy living room (in her very cozy house shared with a hubby and 2 kids)--so there has always been several colors available.

So I did get a selection-- but I also got way more orange than I would want.
So there is my challenge—what can I do to make the orange more interesting? Do you think this works? The black stripes are garter/purl ridges (to help moderate stocking knits natural tendency to curl. It worked out perfectly (with no preplanning to get the stripes centered!)

And some blocks (OK not these 2 ) are going to be solid colors. Still, I have a bunch now of left over bits and pieces (in addition to full skeins) and more mixed color blocks are coming.

All the blocks have an unstated message: Creativity

And other subtle messages: Stripes of every color (or should that be people of every color?) interlocked, ONE! Not a rainbow color way—but a rainbow and then some of colors.

I think I might knit another one with a binary message too! The deadline is Friday—I don't feel my best today, so I am skipping driving out to Babylon. But I will get some more blocks made today, and more tomorrow night at the Lion Brand corporate offices (In the same building as the LB Studio)

Did you know? After the Maker's Fair, these blocks will be recycled to Warm Up America, and Art will become charity!

I guess the Universe has a message for me!

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Robyn said...

Awesome post Helen! And awesome squares!!