Thursday, September 09, 2010

Irises Bloom in the Spring

But I'll have purple irises anytime I want..

I took off yesterday to knit a message to the universe—and it responded. Yesterday, I recorded them most visits ever to my blog—and the excess is continuing today! Today, I finished knitting the toe (I started the toe Tuesday evening at knit night) and wove in all the ends.

Later today, (this evening) I will finish the red, black and white mittens. And then, I 'll swap out my 12 by 12 knit message square for another ball of yarn, and make another. My second square will be blank—a visitor to the Maker's Faire will be able to add a message of their own.

I might even make more squares—goodness knows, I have a lot to say!

1 comment:

Virginia G said...

Awesome! I'm so glad the universe is responding to your knitted message.

The socks look amazing!

And I just posted a picture of the plaque at St. Peter's on my blog for you.