Friday, September 24, 2010

The Last Block & a Leaf Pattern

Well, the last block I am knitting! It's the 15th —a nice contribution—I know many have done more, but I am happy with my contribution to this project. It's been fun, and any day now, I'll go back and finish my socks, and work on my top, and start a pair of mittens, and ....

The list is infinite—and ever changing! Hats, I think, soon—its been a long time since I knit a hat, and I have so many ideas for some hats, and double knitting, calls to me too, and ....

Meanwhile, if you've made a rose, perhaps you'd like a leaf. Leaves are easy! I am giving you the most basic pattern, make a few, and then make some different ones.

Basic Leaf

Cast on (any method will work) 3
work a few rows of I-cord with these 3 stitches, (the stem)

The Leaf 1st half, INCREASES.
R1: K1, YO, K1, YO, K1—note the center k1 is bold.. this is the center of the leaf.
R2: (and all even rows, Purl every stitch (or don't! There is one variation!)
R3: K2, YO, K1, YO, K2
R5: K3, YO, K1, YO, K3
R7, (9, 11, 13..)Continue in pattern, making YO's either side of the Center stitch.

Leaf, 2nd half, DECREASES
R1: SSK first 2 stitches. Knit across row, till 2 remain, K2tog.
R2: (and all even rows) Purl
All remaining rows, Decrease first 2 and last 2 stitches till 3 stitches remain.
Last Row, make a centered double decrease:
slip to together (as if to knit) knit 1, Pass the 2 slipped stitches over knit 1.

Cut a long tail, and bind off last stitch.

The long tail is useful if you are sewing the leaves to something.

(1)Knit 2 identical leaves, (in the same color or coordinating colors) sew them together, and use as you might use a pompom. The second leaf doesn't need stem, start increasing right after casting on.

(2)As you work the leaf, increase 1 stitch (the first stitch in row, use a knit cast on to increase.
On the next row, decrease (one set of increase will be the knit style cast on worked as PURL cast on)
When you decrease, on second half of leaf, make decreases 1 stitch in,
Make Raised Center Decreases.
This second leaf has increases/decreases along the edge, giving it a notch look, and center decreases.

Like these ideas? Check out Nicky Epstein's new web page and blog —and find a free pattern for a knit oak leaf.. (and so much more!) Her books about flowers and knit embellishments have more leaf ideas, of every shape and varity.

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JelliDonut said...

15 blocks is a pretty impressive number. You should be very proud.