Thursday, September 02, 2010

Maybe It Was Just a Case of Burnout.

Because, while I am not loving these mittens--(they are OK, but not wonderful) it's easier to knit them (than the previous pair).

I keep measuring, and trying to convince myself they will be done when the motif is done.. but I can't—and they won't be. I'll need another inch after the pomegranate (that is the name of the motif) is done.

But as you see, there is significant progress in the past few days.

No new photo's of the Purple Iris socks today--(could you see the difference between not quite 6 inches of plain stocking knit and 6.5?) but maybe tomorrow—I'll be starting the heel flap today.. (and that will be a change—a noticeable change!) and then it will be no time at all till they are finished.

And as for Debbie? She is getting hooked snagged by fiber —yesterday we cast on, and she went home with a half skein of Lion Brand Wool Ease—and a half inch of garter stitch—on a mis matched pair of size 8 needles.

She actually has some experience—and for a few years made latch hook rugs (and throw pillows)
and learned to knit as a child—so its just a matter of re awaking the muscle memory. Her mother knits, too, so she has had a taste of a fiber (and is primed to become an addict!)


mhbergner said...

Sorry you don't like these mittens! I think they are beautiful - would be proud to wear them (except I live in southern Arizona). I know how the bond is with our projects, tho. Strange, isn't it?

Virginia G said...

I love that your friend is getting hooked by fiber... It's awesome.