Monday, September 27, 2010

OverLoad! Warning Overload!

I have blog fodder overload. I could write a dozen post about the Maker's Faire—but –why?
Go to Robyn's blog.. Oh, its wonderful, and nothing I could say could be better. Read todays post and a dozen previous ones!

Or go to MochiMochi land and see her knit world, (and see it in person next week at the gallery opening.) it was fun to meet her in person!

Then goto see the PseudoSod car cover, at Amy Carerina's web page, and other fiber art projects.

And that is not half of the knitting fiber arts! I got buttons (real and pin on!) from Burda Style, (and some hand outs for my daughter, who is a beginning sewer) , and taught knitting for TNNA –the members of this association were great, and very generous in their donations. (and Sherry I will get an email out to you on mathematical knitting!)

Which is a segue to math—and the MoMath--(coming soon to a city near me—namely my city!) You can read George Hart's blog—he too is a fan of mathematical knitting—and other math things, (which are also interesting, as is all math, but mathematical knitting is the best math!)

And then there is MY knitting.
The socks (untouched now for 2 weeks) I have 50 plus pairs; it was close to 90° on Saturday, and I don't feel any urgency. I like the self striping pattern, and the color, and I will get back to these one day soon. No rush!

The cotton top—a great summer top –or it will be when finished.. but even with the hot weather Saturday past, the summer is coming to an end, and well, what's the rush? It too, can sit on a back burner for a while.
The free form, free hand (no chart, no planned design, just an idea)lace scarf has been put aside for the moment-I like this, and want to finish this, but there are more pressing projects.

Its being done in Patons new Lace yarn, color way Bonfire, and it is rows away from being split (the scarf will be sort of Y shaped –the base of the Y is knit, now onto 2 arms, to wrap on the other shoulder.

See the lace tongues of fire?

One of the more pressing project is a 3rd pair of Mittens, I committed to do some mittens (at least 3 pair) and the deadline for this is fast approaching--So Saturday morning (and evening, and yesterday) I worked on a pair of mittens. Free form ones, knit in a Jewel tone color way, called Bird of Paradise, with Paton's Classic Wool.

A deep (and roomy) cuff, some ribbing, and then onto the hand. The top is a cobbled slip stitch pattern, the palm plain—and they still need 2 to 2.5 inches to be finished. I like the way the stitch pattern breaks up the short color change color way—but it plays havoc with the gauge, (it's a slip stitch garter pattern, and every few rounds, I need to add a short row to the front to keep the work even with the stocking knit back (palm). They are fast work with worsted weight yarn.

And I've also committed to designing and documenting a pattern for a cup cozy (A Breast Cancer project)--I first had to buy the pink yarn --not a lot (read none! ) pink yarn in my stash, and besides, I needed currently available yarn to make good pattern. I ended up with Bernat's Satin, in pink--and picked up a handful of their pattern sheets to add to the package (someone else is working on getting the needles and the yarn)--the pattern is for a real simple eyelash yarn for a scarf, that uses Bernat yarn, too.

I have to knit the cozy (or 2 or 3) and document the pattern, and... Yes, its a small project, but it will still take some time, to do it right.

And total off tangent, a mini-petite point pink ribbon patch for a friend who works hard for the Breast Cancer walk- yet another project--even if it is not knitting!


There is more, some of it so iffy, I don't want to talk about it, almost to not think about it, lest it doesn't work out but maybe, (Please Universe, hear me!) a job—a perfect job—one that uses my intelligent, my skills, and my personality. It won't happen right away, but I am perfectly willing to wait for a perfect job!

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Judy said...

I pray you get the job that right for you. Amen