Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Assaulted, Commandeered, Taken Over--

Call it what you will, that is what happened to me.
I had no intention of knitting a hat--(started Monday evening)—and while still unfinished, one that is completely knit (by last night.) One that is, if not beautiful (I think it's beautiful) striking.

But I was powerless. The yarn grabbed me, and would not let go. It took over the needles and made me knit. And knit I did.

Today, I have to sew and stuff (with roving I am thinking, since the hat is wool, and while I have both some roving and some polyfill, roving seems right) the hem and the crown band, (the yellow) Then every so slightly embroider them both a braid that crosses and accents the full roll of the brim. Lastly, I will be making mini pompoms, 2 I think, that will be put on lengths of cord (or braid, or... something) so they have a bit of movement. I am thinking short tails for the pompoms, so the stay caught in the crown, but I don't know...

I have to finish it. I am enthralled till I do, but once it's done, I am done with this yarn. (for the moment!)
I have enough yarn that I might even make a set of fingerless gloves to match--(but no, not now, I refuse to put up with this abductions for another minute!)

I might even wear this hat. It's so bright and lively, it will be perfect to brighten up a dull, dreary winters day.

Today, back to the Y shaped shawl, or the socks, or.. Well no more hat knitting!

The head I model the hat on is a scant 19 inches, my head is a whopping 21--maybe when its done, I show it on my head. The hat fits me differently!

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Judy said...

Yup, one beautiful hat and I think it would look good on anyone's head. Was this a pattern of your own design? Or inspired by someone else?