Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Still No Thumbs, and now NO TOES, either!

I held off for a number of reasons from finishing the Scandinavian Style mittens on Sunday, and instead just cranked out row after row of foot.

Now, from the heel to last row is 6 inches—the total from toe to heel of the finished sock will be 9 inches—so about another inch before I start the toe shaping—and complete the pair.

There will be lots and lots of yarn left over –I am not sure if I will mix it with an solid and make another pair of mittens.. or –MORE Likely—I'll put together a pair of fingerless gloves.

I have 2 heavy sweaters that are mostly purple -both are worn as 'coats' on colder day. And I have a purple suede man tailored shirt that I wear as a jacket on milder days. (and my February Lady Jacket is mostly purple) so I have a bit of outer wear that purple fingerless gloves would work with.

I already have 3 or 4 fingerless gloves—and I really don't need more. Socks get worn (one day) and need to be washed—its good to have a bunch (OK, so 50 plus is a bit excessive) but fingerless gloves? I wear them all season before I end up washing them. They just don't get as soiled.

And I am not sure if I have any solid sock yarn that is a matching weight—I would guess more than 70% of my stash of sock yarn is a bit heavier--(size 2 needles work fine) and and 5% is heavy yarn and could be--but usually isn't—knit with size 3 needles. A scant 10% is lace weight fine-and needs a size 1 needle to get a good firm fabric, (surprisingly, the gauge changes very little (less than .5 per inch—with the 3 different needles—but the fabric changes immensely.

So that's it—watch this space for news of thumbs and toes.. News of one (or the other) will be here by the end of the week.

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Virginia G said...

I love my February Lady jacket. I can't wait to break it out this fall. I only got to wear it once this year before it got too warm.

Thanks for the tip on the Susan Bates needles. I'll have to give those a try.