Friday, September 03, 2010

They're Almost Mittens--

The hand is done—but not the thumbs.

The ends are woven in—but there will be 4 new ends to weave in when the thumbs are done—2 for the start, and two for the end.

The thumbs will be done in the birds eye pattern the gussets was worked in—with a red strip up the 'side seams'--it a bit hard to see in the photo, the edges of the stitches curl up..

I've started the flap on the Purple Iris socks.. (about 1 inch done) and will continue on the socks today.. maybe tonight I'll go back to the mittens—and finish them altogether.

I like these mittens.. I think I made good choices for colors and stitch patterns (all 3 are from the Vogue Vol 3 (Color) Stitchionary).

The center motif is especially pretty --4 part symmetry, and not a snow (or anything like a snow) flake design.

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JelliDonut said...

These are very pretty!