Friday, September 17, 2010

The Weather—and some (blank) messages

OK—the weather—I am (and my neighborhood is) fine.

But a single subway stop away--(a half mile or so) and it's a scene of destruction. Downed trees (big old oaks—50 foot tall if they were an inch)—ripped up from the ground, and ripped to shreds. Some lucky blocks—not a car damaged.. Other blocks—not a car intact!

Worse—a tree fell on the Grand Central Parkway—and killed the driver-and left 2 passengers injured.. And 3 lanes of the parkway closed –leaving traffic backed up for miles (and till past 1 AM!)

Me? I was safe and sound in my apartment when the storm hit—Knitting--
4 more squares (for a total of 6 so far) for the Maker's Faire project.

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