Tuesday, September 14, 2010

When Last Seen...

The row of waste yarn marking the position for the future heel was barely perceptible.

Now—it's more that 2 inches away from the edge--(that white line)
So progress is being made. Not that I knit anything on the sock yesterday.
I repositioned the skirt (the background) —to show that it does, in fact, have a good deal of purplish pink—the socks are soft subtle color, the skirt is more faded still, but—a good enough match.

More will be knit tonight (its Tuesday knit night in LIC.)

Meanwhile, I have also been working on this—a top down simple (patternless) top.

In a few more R's, I separate the sleeves and continue the body—and the sleeves will be short (or simple finished) depending on how much yarn is available.

The top looks like it long enough already—but my dress form is for modeling things—it's a jr size 6--(and I am not!)--It is recycled (it was free)

So while it looks like its big enough.. (and it is for a size 6 or 8!) I need a few more rounds before its going to fit me right. But the colors sure are pretty, aren't they?


Virginia G said...

The colors on that top are lovely.

I really should get a dress form. Of any sort. Sigh.

Unknown said...

The colors on both are really pretty.