Sunday, October 17, 2010

Almost Done—Time for Fun (and Jupiter, too)

The knitting is completed—on the body of the sock. There are still a set of tails to weave in, (boring) and then there are the candy corns!

I started last night (bad move)! I am not a night person, and I know I don't do my best after the sun has gone down (and the moon too!) but...

The first niblet? I knit in the round. Way too tedious!

Second one? I modified (these candy corns are still totally Anne's idea) I just have a problem following directions!

So I knit I-cord style—I cast on 13, not 14. I worked the yellow in the round I cord style, (and had a huge ladder in back.

At the end of the last row of yellow, (actually it was at the FIRST row of orange, I stopped, turned the work, and with a small crochet hook, make a loopwith cast on tail, then chained up the ladder, and put the 14th stitch on the needle.

It was immediately worked in a K2tog with the penultimate stitch, and my stitch count was 10.

Working 10 stitches in I cord (with out creating a huge ladder) is possible (work first 2 and last 2 stitches very snug!)

Niblet 3? I managed to drop a stitch (and it had major surgery as I finished it.)

At that point, I stopped. Latter this afternoon, while the sun is still high in the sky, I'll go back to work making candy corns. And then I'll finish the sock (weave in all the ends) and add the candy corns! at this point I think I will need 16 (8 corns per sock) but we'll see--If I get into a rhythm, maybe I'll make more!

I am sure they will improve with practice. And soon I'll have a serving or two to sew on my socks!

Have you seen JUPITER? Why not!?

This month show won't be as spectacular as last months, but once again, the waxing (but not yet full moon will be Jupiter's companion—Tuesday they will be closest (or rather appear to be closest) but any evening this week, at 8:30PM or so, they will be companions in the sky.

The weather forecast has rain (and that mean CLOUDS!) here in the NYC area(on Tuesday) —but the effect can be seen up and down the east coast of North America, with the best viewing, from about Philidelphia to Boston—Tonight to Wednesday. Look up, find the moon, and find Jupiter—It is so very bright, is it super shiny and bright even in the light saturerated skys of NYC (where only a half dozen or so stars are bright enough to be seen) If you think you see a headlight from a plane—close to the newly risen moon, then that's it! It is that bright!


JelliDonut said...

Those candy corns are so cute!

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