Friday, October 15, 2010

Another Repeat of the Stripe Pattern Complete.

And all the new ends woven in—Well that was true last night.

Since then, a green stripe and a black one, and more ends to weave in have been created. As I get closer and closer to the cuff and having the body of the sock knit, I become more and more obsessive about weaving in the tails. If I left them all till the end, I know—I would just never would get them all woven in!

I am so looking forward to knitting the candy corn. I might very well change my mind about how much fun they are after a half dozen or so, but for now, I can hardly wait!

I think my stripes are good ones for a Halloween theme, but that the sock will benefit from more yellow and orange-the candy corn will be just the detail to make them perfect.

Should I knit some mini pumpkins too? These I would embroider and make into Jack lanterns. Would a pumpkin be too much? To big? --They would most certainly be out of scale with the candy corn!

Well I can always plan another pair of Halloween socks for next year and put pumpkins on them!
Monica gifted me some Knit Pick sock yarn in Pumpkin color--and I have more Orange (a brighter orange than the pumpkin) Kroy yarn. So Pumpkins are a possibility!

Here in NYC we are having a wind storm--(a Nor'easter) but the leaves are still green for them most part. I know, just a few mile north –Rhinebeck, say--(I am not going to Rhinebeck) many of the Maples are in full glory. But here in the city, the days are cool, the nights cooler, and the trees are still mostly green. But I have already worn my MAST socks, with the dangling little acorn!
(and would wear them to Rhinebeck if I was going!)

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